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Bible Versions

Bible Versions
Amplified Bible
English - amplified
available versions, worldwide
Chronological Bible
from the editors of Today's Bible
Cross Reference Bible
from the editors of Today's Bible
Espanol - Spanish Bible
Spanish: Lectura De hoy De la Biblia
Francais - French Bible
French: Lecture Biblique d'Aujourd'hui
Deutsch - German Bible
German: Bibellesen für Heute
King James Version
book list of the King James Version
Multilingual Bible
search in over 40 languages, BibleHub
New King James Version
updating vocabulary and grammar of KJV
Online Parallel Bibles
search by word, phrase, chapter, by concordance, dictionary, encyclopedia
Revised Standard Version
comprehensive revision of the King James Version
The King's Bible
King James Version
Topical Bible
browse by directory or search by term
Treasury of Scripture Knowledge
cross referenced
in Latin
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