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Bible History, before 1400 AD
pre-Reformation History of the Bible, 1400 BC-1400 AD

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CALVIN: Early Years of John Calvin
by Thomas McRie
Christian Classics Ethereal Libraryto build up the church by making thousands of online classic Christian books widely available

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Creeds and Confessions

English Bible History
first scriptures in the English language with John Wycliffe
The Fundamentals, R. A. Torrey
there are very reasonable defenses to answer claims against Scripture. Bible criticism "The History of Higher Criticism"
Heresies of the Church Through the AgesList of 50 heresies comdemned by the Church

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Jesus and the Old Testament Scriptures

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Parables of Jesus
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Readings in Church History, Vol I
from Pentecost to the Protestant Revolt,
Colman J. Barry, 1960

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