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Acts 1-3* Believers In Transition, by "Theophilus"
Acts 4-6* A New Approach To God, by N Sween
Acts 7-9:31* One Died - One Was Born Again, by N Sween
Acts 9:32-11:18* How The Faith Spread, by N Sween
Acts 11:19-13:52* Early Believers Spread The Word, by N Sween
Acts 14-16:15* Hardships At The Entrance, by N Sween
Acts 16:16-18:23* Show the Jews, Then the Gentiles, by N Sween
Acts 18:24-20:38* Receiving the Holy Spirit, by N Sween
Acts 21-23:11* New Covenant Controversy, by N Sween
Acts 24:12-25:27* Through The Lower Courts, by N Sween
Acts 26-27* Is Resurrection Believable?, by R L Deffinbaugh
Acts 28* In Chains and Exile, by D C Stamps

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