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Ezekiel 1-4 * Ezekiel, A Prophet In Exile, N Sween
Ezekiel 5-8 * When The Lord Rejects Rejection, N Sween
Ezekiel 9-12 * Derailed In Jerusalem, N Sween
Ezekiel 13-16:23 * False Prophets and Forgotten Love, N Sween
Ezekiel 16:24-18:13* "Like Mother, Like Daughter", N Sween
Ezekiel 18:14-20:49 * Changing the Covenant Agreement, N Sween
Ezekiel 21-22 * No One In The Gap, N Sween
Ezekiel 23-24 * When Wasting Away Reveals The Lord, N Sween
Ezekiel 25-27 * The Lord Hears National Responses To Israel, N Sween
Ezekiel 28-31 * The Lord Deals With Pride, N Sween
Ezekiel 32-33 * Warnings for Terrorists and National Security Watchmen, N Sween
Ezekiel 34-36 * On Hating Israel and Profaning the Name, N Sween
Ezekiel 37-39 * Focus on Israel: Disaster and Recovery, N Sween
Ezekiel 40-42 * See the Temple Ezekiel Was Shown, N Sween
Ezekiel 43-46* The Final Temple, N Sween
Ezekiel 47-48 * Israel's Future, N Sween

Timeline of the Prophets * Isaiah * Jeremiah
606 BC: Daniel
in first group taken to Babylon === 597 BC: Ezekiel in group taken to Babylon ===
586 BC: Jerusalem destroyed by Babylon - Jeremiah taken to Egypt === ca 580 BC: Jeremiah died ===
538 BC: Hebrews began returning to Israel from Babylon

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