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Job 1-4* Have You Considered Job?, by N Sween
Job 5-8 * If I Have Sinned, What Have I Done To You, Lord?, D Sween
Job 9-12 * How Can I Do Anything But Plead With God?, N Sween
Job 13-16 * If A Man Dies, Will He Live Again?, D Sween
Job 17-21 * Who Else Will Put Up Security For Me?, N Sween
Job 22-26 * Why Doesn't the Almighty Set Times for Judgment?, N Sween
Job 27-30 * But Where Can Wisdom Be Found?, N Sween
Job 31-34 * What Will I Answer When Called To Account?, N Sween
Job 35-38 * Do You Know How God Controls The Clouds?, N Sween
Job 39-42 * Does The Eagle Soar At Your Command?, N Sween

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