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Numbers 1-2 Counting Able Bodied Men, N Sween
Numbers 3:1-4:33The Sons of Levi, Sween
Numbers 4:34-6:27Final Count, Clean up, Jealosy, Nazarite Vow, Blessing, Sween
Numbers 7Dedication, by Sween
Numbers 8-10Blessed, Organized, Ready to Move, Sween
Numbers 11:1-13:29When is Complaining, Rebelling?, Sween
Numbers 13:30-14:24Godly Minority Report, Bass
Numbers 14:25-16:27Evaluating Leadership, Sween
Numbers 16:28-18:32God's Ways, Not Your Ways, Sween
Numbers 19-21Red Heifer and Moving On, Sween
Numbers 22-24Balaam, Sween
Numbers 25-26Phinehas, Sween
Numbers 27-30Out of the Wilderness, Sween
Numbers 31-32War and Ranching, Sween
Numbers 33-35The Value of a Human Life, D. Weisberg
Numbers 36Inheritance Issues #1, Sween

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