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The Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land

* Overview of the Bible's Storyline, Bratcher | Genesis - Revelation

* ca 1885 BC Joseph made ruler in Egypt
* ca 2091 BC Abraham to Canaan: Abraham to State of Israel, Aish's Crash Course in Jewish History
* 2200 (3300-1200 BC Middle East) Bronze Age
* ca 2600-2100 BC: Ancient Period world events
* 2348-2004 BC: 2348 BC - Flood
* 3500-2200 BC: The Armies of Sumer and Akkad
* BCE Timeline, SkepticFiles

* Aish: Jewish History Crash Course
* Ancient Near East
* Archaic period - Late period,

* Babylonian exile timelines:
      * local Middle East history (Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Judah)
      * Jewish prophets and final kings
      * Babylonia Timeline
* Judaism Babylonian Captivity
* Bible Timelines

* Chronological Bible daily reading plan
* Civilization and the Jews, PBS

* Darius of Persia - Alexander the Great
* Dates of Jewish Kings (Israel and Judah) Dennis Bratcher, John Bright
* David King of Judah Timeline

* End Times Prophecy Chart, writings in the Old Testament
* The Exodus from Egypt to the Promised Land
      Overview of the route taken - Numbers 33
      Wanderings of Israel   |   Wilderness

* History of Judaism Timeline
* From Joshua: History of Israel flash

* Jerusalem Events * Municipality of Jerusalem Timeline
* History of Jerusalem

* Timeline of Jewish History, wikipedia
* Jewish History time line in The Story of the Greatest Nations and the Worlds Famous Events Vol 1
* Jewish Prophets of Israel: Major Prophets Timeline * Minor Prophets and Events Timeline
* Minor Prophets Timetable, West Ark Church of Christ with dates

* Middle East FactFile
* Middle East history (Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, Judah) 500s BC

* New Testament Harmonies

* Persia kings timelines:
      * Darius of Persia - Alexander the Great
      * Persia - Iranian History
      * Persia - Persepolis with map
      * Persia Timeline
      * Timeline of Persia
* Persian Jews
* Prophets
: Major and Minor Prophet Writers from Judah and Israel with a Babylonian exile Timeline
      * Ezekiel chart
      * Minor Prophets

* Rome Timeline & Biblical History * Julius Caesar to death of Constantine

* Turkish History (Hittites)

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