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Job 23

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Job longs to appear before God,

23:1 Then Job answered,

23:2 ďEven today my complaint is rebellious.
His hand is heavy in spite of my groaning.

23:3 Oh that I knew where I might find him!
That I might come even to his seat!

23:4 I would set my cause in order before him,
and fill my mouth with arguments.

23:5 I would know the words which he would answer me,
and understand what he would tell me.

in confidence of his mercy.

23:6 Would he contend with me in the greatness of his power?
No, but he would listen to me.

23:7 There the upright might reason with him,
so I should be delivered forever from my judge.

God, who is invisible, observes our ways.

23:8 ďIf I go east, he is not there;
if west, I canít find him;

23:9 He works to the north, but I canít see him.
He turns south, but I canít catch a glimpse of him.

23:10 But he knows the way that I take.
When he has tried me, I shall come forth like gold.

Job's innocency.

23:11 My foot has held fast to his steps.
I have kept his way, and not turned aside.

23:12 I havenít gone back from the commandment of his lips.
I have treasured up the words of his mouth more than my necessary food.

God's decree is immutable.

23:13 But he stands alone, and who can oppose him?
What his soul desires, even that he does.

23:14 For he performs that which is appointed for me.
Many such things are with him.

23:15 Therefore I am terrified at his presence.
When I consider, I am afraid of him.

23:16 For God has made my heart faint.
The Almighty has terrified me.

23:17 Because I was not cut off before the darkness,
neither did he cover the thick darkness from my face.

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