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The book of Nehemiah:
The kings of Judah - and earlier Israel - had lost power and been replaced by the overall king of Persia, when Cyrus's army had overthrown Babylon. Now the ruler was Artaxerxes , and with his permission, Nehemiah became a governor of the Palestine area around Jerusalem and Judah. God had made Nehemiah very conscience that the wall of Jerusalem needed rebuilding. God was for him, but there were enemies against him and the project.

The Full Life Study Bible lists 5 major features of this book.

1. Records last events of Jewish OT history before the time of Jesus.
2. Provides historical background for Malachi, contemporary of Nehemiah.
3. Demonstrates what a godly leader in government is like.
4. One of best biblical examples of a praying leader.
5. "Illustrates that prayer, sacrifice, hard work and tenacity go together in realizing a God-given vision."

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