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Genesis 49:26 - (Joseph's) fatherís blessings are greater than the blessings of the ancient mountains..
Isaiah 43:13 - (ancient days)
Isaiah 44:7 - (God's ancient people)
Isaiah 46:19, 64:4 - (ancient times)
Isaiah 59:12, 61:4 - (rebuild ancient ruins)

ANCIENT of Days [Easton's Bible Dictionary]

An expression applied to Jehovah three times in the vision of (Daniel 7:9,13,22) in the sense of eternal. In contrast with all earthly kings, his days are past reckoning.

ANCIENT [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

This word renders several Hebrew words:
(1) qedhem, which denotes "beforetime," "yore"; generally the remote past (compare Deuteronomy 33:15, "ancient mountains"; Judges 5:21, Kishon, the "ancient river"; Isaiah 19:11 "ancient kings").

(2) zaqen, "old" in years. Whereas the King James Version generally renders the word by "old" (or "elders" when the plural form is found) in six cases "ancient" is used and "ancients" in nine cases. See ANCIENTS .

(3) `olam, which denotes "long duration" -- past or future. In regard to the past it suggests remote antiquity. The connotation may be discovered in such expressions as: "the years of ancient times" (Psalms 77:5); "ancient land-mark" or "paths" (Proverbs 22:28; Jeremiah 18:15); "ancient people" or "nation" (Isaiah 44:7; Jeremiah 5:15); "ancient high places" (Ezekiel 36:2).

(4) `attiq. This word--really Aramaic--comes from a stem which means "to advance," i.e. in age; hence old, aged (1 Chronicles 3:22).

(5) yashish, literally, "weak," "impotent," hence decrepit aged; a rare and poetical word, and found only in Job. It is rendered "ancient" only in one instance (Job 12:12 the King James Version).

Thomas Lewis

ANCIENT of Days [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

(`attiq yomin, = Aramaic):

On `attiq, see ANCIENT OF DAYS (4). The expression is used in reference to God in Dan (7:9,13,22) and is not intended to suggest the existence of God from eternity. It was the venerable appearance of old age that was uppermost in the writer's mind. "What Daniel sees is not the eternal God Himself, but an aged man, in whose dignified and impressive form God reveals Himself (compare Ezekiel 1:26)" (Keil).

ANCIENTS [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

This word (except in one instance) renders the Hebrew word zeqenim, (pl of zaqen), which should always be translated "old men" or "elders." The Hebrew word never has the connotation which "ancients" has in modern English. The words "I understand more than the ancients" (Psalms 119:100 the King James Version) do not mean that the Psalmist claims greater wisdom than his distant forbears but than his contemporaries with all their age and experience. In the parallel clause "teachers" is the corresponding word. In such phrases as "ancients of the people" (Jeremiah 19:1 the King James Version), "ancients of the house of Israel" (Ezekiel 8:12), "elders" would obviously be the correct rendering, as in the Revised Version (British and American). Even in Isaiah 24:23 ("before his ancients gloriously" the English Revised Version) "elders" is the right translation (American Revised Version). The writer probably alludes to the Sinaitic; theophany witnessed by the "seventy .... elders" (Exodus 24:9-18) Generally speaking the word suggests the experience, insight and practical acquaintance with life which age ought to bring with it (Psalms 119:100; Ezekiel 7:26). In one instance (1 Samuel 24:13) "ancients" is the right rendering for the Hebrew word qadhmonim, which means "men of former times."
Thomas Lewis

ANCIENT Heroes [Thompson Chain Reference]
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                + 2 Kings 6:17
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                + 2 Chronicles 20:20
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