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Rachel's handmaid, mother of Dan and Naphtali with Jacob (Israel)
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BILHAH [Easton's Bible Dictionary]

Faltering; bashful, Rachel's handmaid, whom she gave to Jacob (Genesis 29:29). She was the mother of Dan and Naphtali (Genesis 30:3-8). Reuben was cursed by his father for committing adultry with her (35:22; 49:4). He was deprived of the birth-right, which was given to the sons of Joseph.

BILHAH [Smith's Bible Dictionary]

(timid, bashful), handmaid of Rachel, (Genesis 29:29) and concubine of Jacob, to whom she bore Dan and Naphtali. (Genesis 30:3-8; 35:25; 46:25; 1 Chronicles 7:13) (B.C 53.)

BILHAH [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

bil'-ha (person) (bilhah; Balla):

A slave girl whom Laban gave to Rachel (Genesis 29:29), and whom the latter gave to Jacob as a concubine (Genesis 30:3-4); the mother of Dan and Naphtali (Genesis 30:4,7; 35:25; 46:25; 1 Chronicles 7:13); guilty of incest with Reuben (Genesis 35:22).

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