agitate, corrode, depession, eat away, make angry, murmur, rage, roughen, rub away, or wear away; worry

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Psalm 37:1 - Do not fret because of evil men or be envious...
Psalm 37:7-8 - Do not fret when men succeed in their ways ... wicked schemes ... (Fretting) leads only to evil.
Proverbs 24:19 - Do not fret because of evil men...

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Matthew 6:25, Luke 12:22 - Do not worry about your life
Matthew 6:27, Luke 12:25-26 - Does worrying add time to your life? No? Then why worry about the rest?
Matthew 6:28 - Do not worry about clothes
Matthew 6:31, Luke 12:29 - Do not worry about your food, drink, clothing
Matthew 6:34 - Do not worry about tomorrow
Matthew 10:19, Mark 13:11, Luke 12:11-12, Luke 21:14 - When arrested, do not worry about what to say, how to say it. Just say whatever is given to you at the time by the Holy Spirit. Make up your mind beforehand not to worry how you will defend yourselves.


(charah, ma'ar):

To "fret" is from for (prefix) and etan, "to eat," "to consume." The word is both transitive and intransitive in King James Version:

(1) transitive as translation

of charah, "to burn," Hithpael, "to fret one's self," "to be angry"
(Psalms 37:1, "Fret not thyself because of evil-doers";
Psalms 37:7,8; Proverbs 24:19);
of qatsaph, "to be angry," etc.
(Isaiah 8:21, "They shall fret themselves, and curse," etc.);
of raghaz, "to be moved" (with anger, etc.)
(Ezekiel 16:43, "Thou hast fretted me in all these things,"
the American Standard Revised Version "raged against me").
For Leviticus 13:55, see under FRETTING below.

(2) Intransitive, it is the translation

of ra`am, "to rage," Hiphil, "to provoke to anger"
(1 Samuel 1:6, "Her rival provoked her sore, to make her fret");
of za`aph, "to be sad," "to fret"
(Proverbs 19:3, "His heart fretteth against Yahweh").

FRETTING in the sense of eating away, consuming, is used
    of the leprosy, ma'ar, "to be sharp, bitter, painful"

(Leviticus 13:51,52; 14:44, "a fretting leprosy";
in Leviticus 13:55 we have "it (is) fret inward" ("fret" past participle),
    as the translation of pehetheth from pahath,
"to dig" (a pit), the word meaning "a depression,"
"a hollow or sunken spot in a garment affected by a kind of leprosy,"
the Revised Version (British and American) "it is a fret."

Revised Version has "fretful" for "angry" (Proverbs 21:19), margin "vexation."

W. L. Walker

FRET [Thompson Chain Reference]
Fretting: see murmuring 

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