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son of Reuben; descendant of Judah; a place
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of Reuben: Genesis 46:9, Exodus 6:14, Numbers 26:6
of Judah: Genesis 46:12, Numbers 26:21, Ruth 4:18-19, 1Chronicles 2:5 ff, Matthew 1:3, Luke 3:33

HEZRON [Easton's Bible Dictionary]


  • One of the sons of Reuben (Genesis 46:9; Exodus 6:14).
  • The older of the two sons of Pharez (Genesis 46:12).
  • A plain in the south of Judah, west of Kadesh-barnea (Joshua 15:3).

  • HEZRON [Smith's Bible Dictionary]

    (surrounded by a wall ).

    1. A son of Reuben. (Genesis 46:9; Exodus 6:14)

    2. A son of Pharez. (Genesis 46:12; Ruth 4:18)

    HEZRON [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

    hez'-ron (chetsron, and chetsron; Septuagint Asron):

    (1) A son of Reuben (Genesis 46:9; Exodus 6:14), and head of the family of the Hezronites (Numbers 26:6).

    (2) A son of Perez, and grandson of Judah (Genesis 46:12; Numbers 26:21; 1 Chronicles 2:5,9,18,21,24-25; 4:1), a direct ancestor of David (Ruth 4:18 f). He appears also in the genealogy of our Lord (Esrom) (Matthew 1:3; Luke 3:33).

    (chetsron, "enclosure"):

    On the South boundary of Judah between "Kadesh-barnea" and "Addar" (Joshua 15:3); in the parallel passage (Numbers 34:4) "Hazar-addar." The two places may have been near together. Conder suggests that the name survives in Jebel Hadhireh, a mountain Northwest of Petra in the Tih.

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