One of the 12 sons of Jacob (aka Israel) by Leah | Father of Perez and Zerah, by Tamar

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Genesis 29:35 (birth)
Genesis 35:23 (brothers)
Genesis 38 - Canaanite wife, sons, and daughter-in-law Tamar
Genesis 43:3 ff (Tamar)
Genesis 44:14 ff (Egypt trip because of famine)
Genesis 46:12 (sons)
Genesis 46:28 (sent for directions)
Genesis 49:8-10 (blessing)
Matthew 1:2-3 (genealogy)

JUDAH [Easton Bible Dictionary]

the fourth son of Jacob by Leah. The name originated in Leah's words of praise to the Lord on account of his birth: "Now will I praise [Heb. odeh] Jehovah, and she called his name Yehudah" (Genesis 29:35).

It was Judah that interposed in behalf of Joseph, so that his life was spared (Genesis 37:26,27). He took a lead in the affairs of the family, and "prevailed above his brethren" (Genesis 43:3-10; 44:14,16-34; 46:28; 1 Chronicles 5:2).

Soon after the sale of Joseph to the Ishmaelites, Judah went to reside at Adullam, where he married a woman of Canaan. (See ONAN; TAMAR .) After the death of his wife Shuah, he returned to his father's house, and there exercised much influence over the patriarch, taking a principal part in the events which led to the whole family at length going down into Egypt. We hear nothing more of him till he received his father's blessing (Genesis 49:8-12).

JUDAH [Smith Bible Dictionary]

(praised, celebrated), the fourth son of Jacob and the fourth of Leah. (B.C. after 1753.)
Of Judah’s personal character more traits are preserved than of any other of the patriarchs, with the exception of Joseph, whose life he in conjunction with Reuben saved. (Genesis 37:26-28) During the second visit to Egypt for corn it was Judah who understood to be responsible for the safety of Benjamin, ch. (Genesis 43:3-10) and when, through Joseph’s artifice, the brothers were brought back to the palace, he is again the leader and spokesman of the band. So too it is Judah who is sent before Jacob to smooth the way for him in the land of Goshen. ch. (Genesis 46:28) This ascendancy over his brethren is reflected in the last words addressed to him by his father.

The families of Judah occupy a position among the tribes similar to that which their progenitor had taken among the patriarchs.

The numbers of the tribe at the census at Sinai were 74,600. (Numbers 1:26,27) On the borders of the promised land they were 76,500. (Genesis 26:22)

The boundaries and contents of the territory allotted to Judah are narrated at great length, and with greater minuteness than the others, in (Joshua 15:20-63) The north boundary, for the most part coincident with the south boundary of Benjamin, began at the embouchure of the Jordan and ended on the west at Jabneel on the coast of the Mediterranean, four miles south of Joppa. On the east the Dead Sea, and on the west the Mediterranean, formed the boundaries. The southern line is hard to determine, since it is denoted by places many of which have not been identified. It left the Dead Sea at its extreme south end, and joined the Mediterranean at the Wady el-Arish. This territory is in average length about 45 miles, and in average breadth about 50.


JUDAH [Thompson Chain Reference]
Son of Jacob

    Genesis 29:35
    Genesis 35:23
    Genesis 37:26
    Genesis 38:1
    Genesis 43:3
    Genesis 44:14
    Genesis 46:12
    Genesis 46:28
    Genesis 49:8
    Numbers 26:19

Tribe of

    Deuteronomy 33:7
    Judges 1:3
    2 Samuel 2:10
    2 Samuel 19:11
    1 Kings 12:21
    Hebrews 7:14
    Revelation 5:5

Captivity of

    SEE Captivity of Israel and Judah 

Kings of

    SEE Israel 


    Superseded by Christianity
    Mark 2:21
    Galatians 5:6
    Colossians 2:16
    Hebrews 7:18
    Hebrews 8:13
    SEE Law  

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