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METHUSELAH: Enoch's son and Lamech's father: Genesis 5:21-27 | 1 Chronicles 1:3 | Luke 3:37
Grandfather of Noah

METHUSELAH [Easton Bible Dictionary]

Man of the dart, the son of Enoch, and grandfather of Noah.

He was the oldest man of whom we have any record, dying at the age of nine hundred and sixty-nine years, in the year of the Flood (Genesis 5:21-27; 1 Chronicles 1:3).

METHUSELAH [Smith Bible Dictionary]

(man of the dart), the son of Enoch, sixth in descent from Seth, and father of Lamech. (Genesis 5:25-27)


me-thu'-se-la, me-thu'-se-la (methushelach, "man of the javelin"):
A descendant of Seth, the son of Enoch, and father of Lamech (Genesis 5:21 ff; 1 Chronicles 1:3; Luke 3:37). Methuselah is said to have lived 969 years; he is therefore the oldest of the patriarchs and the oldest man. It is doubtful whether these long years do not include the duration of a family or clan.

METHUSELAH [Thompson Chain Reference]
* (son of Enoch)
* Genesis 5:21
* Genesis 5:27
* 1 Chronicles 1:3