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Restoration, spiritual awakening, strengthening, fearless
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Isaiah 35:1-10 (strengthen, lose fear)
Ezra 9:8-9 (starting over by God's grace)
REVIVALS (Thompson Chain Reference, below)

Genesis 45:27 - end of Jacob's depression
Judges 15:19 - end of Samson's weakness from thirst
1Samuel 30:11-12 - end of Egyptian slave's weakness from hunger
Psalms 80:18 - turn Israel to face You again, Lord
Psalms 85:4-7 - turn us, save us, Lord
Isaiah 57:15 - God revives those with a humble spirit and contrite heart
Hosea 6:2 - "After two days he will revive us. On the third day he will raise us up, and we will live before him."

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REVIVAL [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

e-viv', reviv'-ing:
revive is the translation of chayah, "to live," "cause to live," used
of restoration to life (Genesis 45:27; Judges 15:19, etc.);

of rebuilding (Nehemiah 4:2);

of restoration to well-being (Psalms 85:6 (the Revised Version (British and American) "quicken"); Psalms 138:7; Isaiah 57:15; Hosea 6:2; 14:7);

of Yahweh's gracious work for His people (Habakkuk 3:2, "revive thy work in the midst of the years," etc.);

"reviving" is the translation of michydh "preservation" or "means of life" (Ezra 9:8-9).

"Revive" occurs in the New Testament as the translation of anazao, "to live again" (Romans 7:9, and Romans 14:9, the King James Version "Christ both died, and rose, and revived," the Revised Version (British and American) (omitting "and rose") "Christ died and lived again" zao).

In 1 Macc 13:7 the Revised Version (British and American) we have "And the spirit of the people revived," anazopureo, "to stir or kindle up as a fire," the same word as in 2 Timothy 1:6, the Revised Version (British and American) "stir up the gift of God, which is in thee," margin "Greek: `stir into flame.'"

In view of the frequent modern use of "revive" and "revival," it is worthy of notice that it is to Timothy himself the exhortation is addressed. We too often merely pray for "revivals," forgetting that it is for us to "stir into flame" the gift of the Spirit which we have already received of God. It is ours from Him, but we let it lie dormant, as a slumbering ember merely.

W. L. Walker

REVIVALS [Thompson Chain Reference]
    * (Select Reading, Isa. Chap 35)
        * Isaiah 35:1-10
    * General References to
        * Isaiah 35:6
        * Lamentations 3:40
        * Hosea 6:2
        * Hosea 14:2
    * Sought
          o Psalms 51:12
          o Psalms 51:13
          o Psalms 80:7
          o Psalms 85:6
          o Isaiah 32:15
          o Habakkuk 3:2
    * Examples of
          o 1 Samuel 7:4
          o 1 Kings 18:39
          o 2 Chronicles 30:11
          o Zechariah 8:21
          o Acts 2:41
          o Acts 8:6
          o Acts 9:35
          o Acts 11:21
          o SEE Returning to God
    * General References to Spiritual Quickening
          o Psalms 80:18
          o Psalms 119:25
          o Psalms 119:40
          o Psalms 119:50
          o Psalms 119:88
          o Psalms 119:149
          o Psalms 143:11
          o Habakkuk 3:2
          o John 5:21
          o John 6:63
          o SEE Church  

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