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figure projected in silhouette by means of interception of light; merest hint
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SHADOW [Easton's Bible Dictionary]

Used in Colossians 2:17; Hebrews 8:5; 10:1 to denote the typical relation of the Jewish to the Christian dispensation.

DISPENSATION: The method or scheme according to which God carries out his purposes towards men is called a dispensation. There are usually reckoned three dispensations, the Patriarchal, the Mosaic or Jewish, and the Christian. (See COVENANT, Administration of.) These were so many stages in God's unfolding of his purpose of grace toward men. The word is not found with this meaning in Scripture.

SHADE, SHADOW, SHADOWING [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

shad, shad'-o, shad'-o-ing (tsel; skia):

A shadow is any obscuration of the light and heat with the form of the intervening object, obscurely projected, constantly changing and passing away.

"Shadow" is used literally

of a roof (Genesis 19:8),
of mountains (Judges 9:36),
of trees (Judges 9:15, etc.),
of wings (Psalms 17:8, etc.),
of a cloud (Isaiah 25:5),
of a great rock (Isaiah 32:2),
of a man (Peter, Acts 5:15),
of the shadow on the dial (2 Kings 20:9, etc.),
of Jonah's gourd (Jonah 4:5 f).

It is used also figuratively

(1) of shelter and protection
 (of man, Genesis 19:8; Song of Solomon 2:3; Isaiah 16:3, etc.;
  of God, Psalms 36:7; 91:1; Isaiah 4:6, etc.);

(2) of anything fleeting or transient,
  as of the days of man's life on earth (1 Chronicles 29:15; Job 8:9; Psalms 109:23);

(3) with the idea of obscurity or imperfection
  (in Hebrews 8:5; 10:1,
  of the Law; compare Colossians 2:17);

(4) of darkness, gloom; see SHADOW OF DEATH.

In James 1:17, we have in the King James Version, "the Father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning" (aposkiasma);

the Revised Version (British and American) "shadow that is cast by turning"; the reference is to the unchangeableness of God as contrasted with the changes of the heavenly bodies.

The Revised Version (British and American) has "of the rustling of wings" for "shadowing with wings" in Isaiah 18:1;

the American Standard Revised Version has "shade" for "shadow" in various places (Judges 9:15; Job 40:22; Isaiah 4:6, etc.). In Job 40:21-22, for "shady trees" the Revised Version (British and American) has "lotus-trees."

W. L. Walker

SHADOW [Thompson Chain Reference]
 # Shelters God's People

    * In the Rock of Ages
          o Exodus 33:22
          o Deuteronomy 32:11
    * In Time of Trouble
          o Psalms 57:1
          o Psalms 63:7
          o Psalms 91:1
          o Psalms 121:5
          o Song of Solomon 2:3
    * A Refuge from the Storm
          o Isaiah 25:4
          o Isaiah 32:2
    * In the Shadow of His Hand
          o Isaiah 51:16
    * Under the Shadow of His Wings
          o Matthew 23:37
    * SEE Divine 

Shadow of Death

    * Job 12:22
    * Job 16:16
    * Psalms 23:4
    * Psalms 44:19
    * Psalms 107:10
    * Matthew 4:16

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