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Intense fear; Systematic use of fear to intimidate
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Enemies of Israel see God's terror:   Genesis 35:5   |   Exodus 15:15-16   |   Exodus 23:27  
The LORD's curse for not listening to him:   Leviticus 26:16   |   Deuteronomy 28:66
The LORD's people will be feared, dreaded:   Deuteronomy 2:25   |   Isaiah 19:17
Terror scares some back to the Lord:   Psalm 78:32-33  
Examples of terror at Day of the LORD:   Isaiah 13:7   |   Isaiah 21:1 ff   |   Jeremiah 8:15 |   Ezekiel 7:25
Terrorists in the land of the living:   Ezekiel 32:24 ff  
Unseen vision terrorizes:   Daniel 10:7
Evil Day preceded with terror:   Amos 6:3 Terror as heavenly bodies shaken:   Luke 21:26
Terror as 2 prophets come back to life:   Revelation 11:11
Someday Zion will be without terror:   Isaiah 54:14  
Terrible plagues:   Exodus 9:3   |   Jeremiah 21:6   |   Revelation 16:21  
Terrible place:   Numbers 20:5  
Terrible signs and wonders:   Deuteronomy 6:22  
Terrible wickedness - intimate with idol worshipers:   Nehemiah 13:27  
Terrible destruction:   Jeremiah 4:6   |   Jeremiah 6:1  
Terrible disaster:   Jeremiah 26:19  
Terrible suffering:   Matthew 8:6  
Terrible times:   2 Timothy 3:1  

TERRIBLE, TERROR [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

ter'-i-b'l, ter'-er
(yare', "to be feared," "reverenced," arits, "powerful," "tyrannical," 'ayom, "aweinspiring," chittith "terror," ballahah, "a worn-out or wasted thing," 'emah, "fright"; phoberos, "dreadful," phobos, "fear"):
The above terms, and many others which employed, denote whatever, by horrible aspect, or by greatness, power, or cruelty, affrights men (Deuteronomy 1:19; 26:8; Daniel 2:31).

God is terrible by reason of His awful greatness, His infinite power, His inscrutable dealings, His perfect holiness, His covenant faithfulness, His strict justice and fearful judgments (Exodus 34:10; Deuteronomy 7:21; Nehemiah 9:32; Job 6:4; 37:22; Psalms 65:5; 88:15 f; Joel 2:11; Zephaniah 2:11; Hebrews 12:21).

The term is also applied to the enemies of God and of His people (Isaiah 13:11; 25:3 ff; Isaiah 49:25; Daniel 7:7; 1 Peter 3:14).

"The terror (the Revised Version (British and American) "fear") of the Lord" (2 Corinthians 5:11) denotes the reverence or fear inspired by the thought that Christ is judge (2 Corinthians 5:10).

M. O. Evans

TERROR [Thompson Chain Reference]
    * (of the Wicked)
    * Leviticus 26:36
    * Numbers 22:3
    * Job 18:11
    * Psalms 14:5
    * Psalms 73:19
    * Proverbs 1:27
    * Revelation 6:16
    * SEE Fear of God
    * The Divine Presence a Source of Fear to the Wicked
          o SEE Presence, Divine 

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