Act or power of thinking, idea, deliberation
Also see Choose | Deliberate | Discern | Know, knowledge | Mind, Minds | Reasoning | Think | Understand | Wisdom, wise
Deceived | Feel | Fret, worry | Ignorance

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Genesis 6:5 (inclined to evil all the time)
1 Chronicles 28:9 (motives)
Psalm 10:4 (pride squeezes out thinking of God),
Psalm 94:11 [+ Matthew 9:4, 12:25] (Lord knows man's thoughts),
Psalm 139:2 (Lord perceives my thoughts),
Psalm 139:17 (Lord's thoughts), 139:23 (request Lord to search my thoughts) |
Proverbs 1:23 (Lord thoughts after His rebuke)
Isaiah 55:7-9 (forsake my thoughts; seek Lord's thoughts)
Jeremiah 12:3 (test & deal with my thoughts)
Daniel 4:19 and 7:28 (godly men may have troubling thoughts)
Amos 4:13 (Lord reveals his thoughts)
Micah 4:12 (many nations don't know Lord's thoughts)
Matthew 15:19, Mark 7:21 (thoughts come out of man's heart)
1 Corinthians 2:11 (secret thoughts), 3:20 (thoughts of wise, futile)
Ephesians 2:3 (thoughts of sinful nature)
Hebrews 3:1 (fixed thoughts), 4:12 (judged thoughts)
James 2:4 (evil thoughts)



The most frequent word in the Old Testament (machashebheth, from the verb chashabh, "to think") refers to a "device," or a purpose firmly fixed, as in the passage in Isaiah 55:7-9 where the "thought" of God and of man are contrasted (compare Psalms 40:5; 92:5; Jeremiah 29:11).

In the New Testament dialogismos (Matthew 15:19; 1 Corinthians 3:20), refers to the inner reasoning or deliberation of one with himself.

Also see THINK.

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