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Genesis 21:1-2 - [visited = Lord was gracious to (NIV)]
  Yahweh visited Sarah as he had said, and Yahweh did to Sarah as he had spoken. Sarah conceived...
Genesis 50:24-25 - [visit = come to your aid (NIV)]
Exodus 3:16 - [visited = watched over you and seen (NIV)]
Exodus 4:31 - [visit = had seen their misery (NIV)]
Exodus 13:9 - [visit = come to your aid (NIV)]
Exodus 20:5, Exodus 34:7 - [visiting = punishing (NIV)]
Exodus 32:34 - [visit = punish (NIV)]
Leviticus 18:25 - [visit = punish (NIV)]
Ruth 1:6 - [visit = come to the aid of His people (NIV)]
Jeremiah 8:12 [time of their visitation = when they are punished (NIV)]
Jeremiah 10:15, 51:18 - [time of their visitation = when their judgment comes (NIV)]
46:21 - [time of their visitation = day of disaster (NIV)]
50:27 - [time of their visitation = time for them to be punished (NIV)]
Micah 7:4 - [time of your visitation]
Luke 19:44 - [time of their visitation = the time of God's coming to you (NIV)]

VISIT [Strong's Concordance]

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VISITATION [International Standard Bible Encyclopedia]

viz-i-ta'-shun, vis-(pequddah; episkope):

In Biblical writings, the divine investigation or inspection of men's character and deeds with a view to apportioning to them their due lot, whether of reward or of chastisement; divine dispensation of mercy or of punishment.

(1) In a general sense: "Visited after the visitation of all men" (Numbers 16:29), i.e. in natural death, the usual lot of men, as opposed to a calamitous death;
"She shall have fruit in the visitation of souls" (The Wisdom of Solomon 3:13 the King James Version), i.e. in the time of divine judgment. So Sirach 18:20 and perhaps 1 Peter 2:12.

(2) In a good sense, of God's care, providence and mercy:

"Thy visitation (the Revised Version margin "care") hath preserved my spirit" (Job 10:12).
So Luke 19:44, and, according to some, 1 Peter 2:12 (see above).

(3) Most frequently in an evil sense, of calamity or distress viewed as divine punishment:

"What will ye do in the day of visitation, and in the desolation which shall come from far?" (Isaiah 10:3).
So Jeremiah 8:12; 10:15; 11:23; 23:12; 46:21; 48:44; 50:27; 51:18; Hosea 9:7; Micah 7:4; The Wisdom of Solomon 14:11.
D. Miall Edwards

VISITATION [Thompson Chain Reference]
Day of

    Isaiah 10:3
    Jeremiah 10:15
    Jeremiah 46:21
    Hosea 9:7
    Micah 7:4
    Luke 19:44
    1 Peter 2:12
    SEE Judgment 

Of the Sick

    2 Kings 8:29
    2 Kings 13:14
    Job 2:11
    Matthew 25:36
    James 5:14 

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