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January 1   - Day 1
Scriptures: "Pre-time" verses and
Scripture: Genesis 1-3 (see below)
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"Pre-time" (extra reading)
Before time on Earth began, God -
Was eternal in eternity

    Daniel 4:34   living forever; everlasting
    Psalm 90:2   everlasting to everlasting
    Psalm 93:2   everlasting
    1Timothy 1:17   eternal, immortal, invisible, unique
    1Tim 6:16   immortal, eternal power
    2Corinthians 4:18   the eternal is unseen

Used wisdom, understanding
    Jeremiah 10:12 | Jer 51:15   world established by God's wisdom
    Proverbs 8:23   Wisdom appointed from eternity, from the beginning
    Isaiah 14:24 as God thinks, so it happens

    Heavens & Earth

      Isaiah 37:16 - enthroned among the cherubim; made heaven, earth
      Isa 45:18 - God didn't create Earth as a waste (w/o form, void)
      Colossians 1:15ff - more on creation and the Son, firstborn of all creation
      Exodus 25:40, Hebrews 8:5 - God had Israel build things on Earth that shadowed, copied things in Heaven
      Hebrews 9:22 - Heaven is a sanctuary; at first, copies were to be made on Earth

      2Kings 19:15, Isaiah 37:16 - God enthroned between the cherubim
      Hebrews 2:9 - Born a man, Jesus was made a little lower than the angels
      Hebrews 9:5 - more on creation and the Son, firstborn of all creation

Started dealing with rebellion
    Isaiah 14:12-14 ff one wanted to exhalt himself above God
    Ezekiel 28:13 the anointed cherub in garden of Eden had been created perfect, but he sinned

Set secret plans for humans
    Psalm 139:16   example: a human's days are ordained and written in God's book before birth
    Ephesians 1:4-5   (God) chose us in him (Jesus Christ) before the foundation of the world,
    that we would be holy and without blemish before him in love;
    having predestined us for adoption as children through Jesus Christ to himself,
    according to the good pleasure of his desire..
    2Timothy 1:9   God had a purpose and grace for mankind before time began
    Titus 1:2   God promised eternal life before time began
    1Corinthians 2:5   God reveals some plans, keeps others secret

Determined to create   Bible Dictionary:   Stretched
    to stretch out the heavens,
    lay the foundation of the earth,
    form the spirit of man

      Job 38:4,7 where was man at foundation?
      Isaiah 40:22, 42:5, 44:24, 45:12,
      Isaiah 51:13; Zechariah 12:1

    to use the Word, speaking Creation
      John 1:1-3 (the Word)     Psalm 119:89 (word settled forever)

January 1: GENESIS 1-3

Scripture reading: (80vs) Genesis 1 (31), 2 (25), 3 (24)
Commentary: In the Beginning - God

Dictionary:   Day | period | day of Creation
Day 1:
  Genesis 1:1 God spoke, created, and set up heavens, Earth, and light
    Psalm 102:25 | Hebrews 1:10 - God laid the foundations of earth
    Ecclesiastes 3:11b - we don't know exactly how God worked each creation
    Isaiah 40:21 - can you fathom what God has done from beginning?
    Romans 1:20,25 - As Creator God reveals invisible things
    Hebrews 11:3 - "By faith, we understand that
      the universe has been framed by the word of
      God, so that what is seen has not been made
      out of things which are visible."

Genesis 1:2-5 God created and used light
    Job 38:19 What is the origin of light?

Dictionary:   Sky | generations to come
A Second day:
Genesis 1:6-8 God created and arranged the starless sky

A Third day:
Genesis 1:9-13 God created and used water for growing plants

A Fourth day:
Genesis 1:14-19 stars, sun, moon created

A Fifth day:
Genesis 1:20-23 created what lives in water and flies in the air on Earth

The Sixth day:
Dictionary:   Adam | generations to come
Genesis 1:24-25 living creatures created on Earth

Genesis 1:26-31 God created man and spoke with him

    Isaiah 41:4 God set up generations from the beginning

Seventh day:
Genesis 2:1-3 with the heavens & Earth completed, God rested a day from His work

    Hebrews 4:4,10   God's rest day predicts Sabbath rest
    John 5:17   then God went back to work

Bible Dictionary:   Adam | Cherub | Satan | Sin
Genesis 2:4 Second account of Creation begins

Genesis 2:5-6 Before plants and men were created and before rain, a mist watered the ground
Genesis 2:7-9 God created man, planted a garden with trees in Eden, and put the man there
Genesis 2:10-14 Garden watered by a river that divided into four
Genesis 2:15-18 Garden of Eden with work instructions
Genesis 2:19-20 Animals, fowls created then named
Genesis 2:21-25 Woman created; concept of father & mother explained
    Matthew 19:4 | Mark 10:6 - God created male and female for marriage
Genesis 3:1-7 Serpent deceives Eve about death; Adam disobeys God
    John 8:44 | 1John 3:8 Satan, a murderer from the beginning
Genesis 3:8-13 God calls Adam into account
Genesis 3:14 God curses serpent
Genesis 3:15 God promises Seed
Genesis 3:16-21 Consequences for Eve and Adam
Genesis 3:22-24 Because of changes, Adam and Eve leave Garden which cherubim guard
    2Peter 3:4 "all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation"

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