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February 5   - Day 36
Scripture: Exodus 20-22
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Exodus 20:1-17- Ten Commandments

Exodus 20:18-21- What the people heard and saw made them afraid

Exodus 20:22-26- Why and how to worship God

Exodus 21 - Ordinances God taught Moses to teach the children of Israel later

Exodus 21:1-6- Laws for men servants

Exodus 21:7-11 - Laws for female servants

Exodus 21:12-17 - Manslaughter, kidnapping, cursing parents

Exodus 21:18-22 - Punishments for striking another, per outcome (inc premature birth - see feticide)

Exodus 21:23-27 - Payments for harm: life for life, eye for eye...

Exodus 21:28-32 - Bull goring human punishments

Exodus 21:33-34 - Open pit animal death punishments

Exodus 21:35-36 - Bull goring animal punishments

Exodus 22 - Legal solutions judges would need for various problems

Exodus 22:1-6 - Stealing or damaging animal or plant property

Exodus 22:7-15 - Property problems with neighbors

Exodus 22:16-17 - Punishment for virgin enticement

Exodus 22:18 - Punishment for sorcery

Exodus 22:19 - Punishment for a human having sex with an animal

Exodus 22:20 - Punishment for making sacrifices to any except Yahweh God

Exodus 22:21 - More punishments and rules...

F. LaGard Smith's Chronological reading plan in "The Daily Bible"combines laws God gave Moses, listed in Exodus 21:1 to 23:19, with similar laws in Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy. We think this repetition was God's way to stress certain rules, such as for the Sabbath, and are not combining them here.

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