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April 20   - Day 110
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King Saul, Samuel, and David
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Scriptures: (92vs)
1 Samuel 20 (42vs)
* David also asked Saul's son Jonathan for help
1 Samuel 21 (15vs)
* David lied, saying he was on a secret mission for King Saul
* The priest Ahimelech gave David holy bread
* Doeg, chief herdsman of Saul, saw what happened
* In Gath, David pretended insanity before the Philistines
Psalm 56 (13vs) A poem by David, when the Philistines seized him in Gath
"Be merciful to me, God, for man wants to swallow me up.
All day long, he attacks and oppresses me.
My enemies want to swallow me up all day long,
for they are many who fight proudly against me..."
Psalm 34 (22vs) By David; when he pretended to be insane
"I will bless Yahweh at all times.
His praise will always be in my mouth.
My soul shall boast in Yahweh.
The humble shall hear of it, and be glad..."

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