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June 29   - Day 180
* Scriptures below
* Introduction to the book of Jonah
* BOOKS on Joel, Jonah, Obadiah,
* Study Index: Jonah, Hosea: minor prophets
* Chart: Kings of Judah and Israel
* Timeline: Some prophets of Judah and Israel

NOTE for dating OBADIAH: (Judah)
The 4 destructions of Jerusalem occured during the (Judah) reign of Rehoboam, and Jehoram, and Amaziah, and the Nebuchadnezzar destruction in BC 586. "The problem of the date of Obadiah has not been solved to the satisfaction of Biblical students. Our choice must be between a very early date (circa 845) and a date shortly after 587, with the scales almost evenly balanced." (ISBE 3-5) Obadiah 1:10-14 was quoted in (ie, came before) Jeremiah 49, and Obadiah 1:17 was quoted in Joel 2:32

NOTE for dating JONAH: (Assyria)
Jonah "flourished in or before the reign of Jeroboam II, about B.C. 820 (Israel). Having already, as it seems, prophesied to Israel, he was sent to Nineveh." (Smith's Bible Dictionary)

NOTE for dating JOEL: (Judah)
"Joel is perhaps the very earliest or the very last or among the last of the writing prophets. This diversity of opinion is due to the fact that there are no direct indications of date in the book itself..." ISBE - "He probably flourished in the reign of Uzziah (about B.C. 800) (Judah), and was contemporary with Amos and Isaiah." (Easton's, Smith's)

Treatment of Non-believers
Obadiah 1, Jonah 1-4

Disasters Get Attention Joel 1-3

Scripture: (88vs)
* Obadiah 1 (21vs)

* Jonah 1 (17vs)

* Jonah 2 (10vs)

* Jonah 3 (10vs)

* Jonah 4 (10vs)

* Joel 1 (20vs)

Prophets sent with warnings from God:
* Obadiah prophesied Edom's end after 1 of 4 destructions of Jerusalem, maybe 845 BC
* Jonah prophesied early in Jeroboam II's reign, ca 820-798 BC in Nineveh
* Joel prophesied from Judah (Uzziah/Azariah) while Jeroboam II reigned Israel, ca 800 BC
Chart of KINGS
of JUDAH of ISRAEL of neighbor countries
Amaziah began his 28yr reign <- During Jehoash's 2nd yr
During Amaziah's 15th yr -> Jehoash died; followed by Jeroboam II's 41yr reign
SYRIA: Hazael followed by his son Ben-hadad
ASSYRIA: The ancient city NINEVEH on the Tigris River;
    Tiglath Pileser was king 745727 BC during reigns of Menehem of Israel and Uzziah of Judah

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