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August 27   - Day 239
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Focus During Disaster
Ps 46

EVENT: In ZEDEKIAH's 10th of 11 years as king, Nebuchadnezzar continued laying siege to Jerusalem

Scripture: (87vs)
  * Jeremiah 34 (22vs)   - A message from God for King Zedekiah during the siege of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon

NOTE: These psalms may have been prayed during the siege attacks, suffering famine, being forced into exile

  * Psalm 46 (11vs)     - "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we won’t be afraid, though the earth changes, though the mountains are shaken into the heart of the seas.."

  * Psalm 77 (20vs)     - "My cry goes to God! Indeed, I cry to God for help, and for him to listen to me.."

  * Psalm 85 (13vs)     - "Yahweh, you have been favorable to your land. You have restored the fortunes of Jacob.."

  * Ezekiel 29 (21vs)   - God's revelations about Egypt in Zedekiah's 10th year (Ezekiel's 10th year of exile)

ASSYRIA Second Empire of ASSYRIA with maps; 746-609 BC
* Assyria Timeline Chart
* The ancient city NINEVEH on the Tigris River was the capital
* Founding king Tiglath Pileser, 745–727 BC, ruled during reigns of Menehem (Israel) and Uzziah (Judah)
* By 722 BC, the people of Israel had been moved and the land had become part of Assyria

BABYLONIANEO BABYLONIAN Empire with maps; ca. 627-539 BC
* Nebuchadnezzar II's father, Nabopolassar, established the Chaldean era of the Neo-Babylonian Empire in 626 BC, rebelling against Assyria
* Nabopolassar was king when the Assyrian capital Ninevah was sacked (612 BC)
* Nebuchadnezzar had been the Chaldean king of the Babylonian Empire 19 years when Jerusalem fell in 586 BC
* In 586 BC, almost all the remaining Jews of Judah were taken from the Promised Land northeast into the captivity promised by their God.

JUDAH Jewish prophets had relayed God's plans and warnings:
* Jeremiah prophesied from the reign of Josiah past the destruction of Jerusalem
* Zephaniah prophesied during the reign of Josiah
* Habakkuk likely prophesied during the reign of Josiah

* Daniel born during Josiah; into exile from Judah to Babylon in Jehoiakim reign
* Ezekiel was probably exiled from Judah to Babylon with Jehoiachin

* Ezra followed Daniel and preceeded Nehemiah
* Nehemiah supplemented and completed Ezra's rebuilding history
* Malachi was probably contemporary with Nehemiah
* Haggai prophesied after Israel's return from the Babylonian captivity during 2nd temple
* Zechariah prophesied after Israel's return from the Babylonian captivity during 2nd temple

Chart of the Final KINGS of Judah
NOTE: The reasons the kings of Judah after Josiah were wicked are listed in 2Ch 36:12ff.
God required the land of Judah (Israel) to be cleansed by the people going to Babylon for 70 years
Josiah Jehoahaz Jehoiakim
* Josiah born to Amon
(Josiah's son)
(Josiah's son)
(Jehoiakim's son)
(Josiah's son)
* age8- became King

* 14- son Jehoiakim born

* Jehoiakim born

* 16- son Jehoahaz born
* Jehoahaz born
* 2 years old

* 18- celebrated Passover
* 2 years old
* 4 years old

* 21- (13th yr of reign)
    Jeremiah, Habakkuk
* 5 years old
* 7 years old

* 29- son Zedekiah born
* 13 years old
* 15 years old

* Zedekiah born
* 39 Josiah died

* 23- made king; 3 months * 25- made king; 11 yrs

* 10 years old
(buried in Judah)
(died in Egypt)
* 27- son Jehoiachin born
* Jehoiachin born
* 12 years old

* 28-* 1
* 13
In the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim (B.C. 606), Nebuchadnezzar (in his first year reigning Jer 25:1) carried Daniel with other youths of Jewish nobility and articles from the temple, off to Babylon. 2Kings 24:1-7 and 2 Chronicles 36:5-7

* 36- Jehoiakim died in Babylon
* 8- made king; 3 mo 10 da
* removed to Babylon
* 21- made king; 11 yrs

* 19- prison, Babylonia * 32- taken to Babylonia

* 45- released 2Ki 25:27 (Babylonia)

of JUDAH around Jerusalem of ISRAEL (taken by Assyria) of neighbor countries
At Amon's assasination, his son Josiah began a 31yr reign
At Josiah's death, his younger son Jehoahaz (Shallum) began a 3 mo reign
Pharaoh Necho removed Jehoahaz (Shallum) to die in Egypt.
Egypt's Necho made Josiah's son Jehoiakim (Eliakim) king; 11 yr reign
    In Jehoiakim's 4th yr as king, Nebuchadnezzar began his reign of Babylon.
    Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon conquered Assyria as well as Egypt
Jehoiakim was exiled to Babylon; his 8yo son Jehoiachin (Jeconiah, Coniah) king 3 mos
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon took 8yo Jehoiachin to jail him in Babylon; later released
Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon made Jehoiachin's uncle Zedekiah (Mattaniah) king, 11 yrs.

Zedekiah (Mattaniah) was the last king of Judah

Other Countries
DAMASCUS (Syria): Rezin king
SYRIA: Hazael followed by his son Ben-hadad

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