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November 23   - Day 327
ca 56-57 AD: A letter to Corinth from Paul in Ephesus during his 3rd mission trip
Scriptures: (84vs)
* 1 Corinthians 15 (58vs)   16 (20vs)   * Acts 20:1-6 (6vs)

* Commentary, History below
* Study Indexes: 1Corinthians
* Introduction to the book of 1 Corinthians
* BOOKS on 1 Corinthians,
* BIBLE DICTIONARY - as Gospel | Messiah
* Scriptural requirements of Messiah,
* Dates of NT books,
* Biography: St Paul, wikipedia
* Map of Early church travel and events
* Map: Rise and fall of Roman Empire, 753 BC-1453 AD
1Corinthians 15-16
Local History: * The Roman Empire and Israel [Judea]
* Timelines of events of the apostles and of the reigns of emporers of Rome

Scriptures: (84vs)
* 1 Corinthians 15 (58vs)   16 (20vs)   * Acts 20:1-6 (6vs)  

  1 Corinthians 15-16: written ca 56-57 from Ephesus
  practical application information for believers
  Asking for spiritual gifts, service, and workings by love, faith, and hope.
  What about prophesying and speaking in tongues?

  1 Corinthians 15 (58vs)
  Here is the gospel:
    * Christ died for our sins.
      * This fulfilled what God's prophets had said would happen in the Scriptures.
    * He was buried,
    * and was raised on the third day
      * This fulfilled what God's prophets had said would happen in the Scriptures.
    * He appeared to many witnesses for several weeks after.

  Why do some say there is no resurrection of the dead? (15:12 ff)
  Differences between Adam and Christ. (15:21 ff)
  So how are the dead raised? (15:35 ff)
  Look again at Adam and Christ. (15:44 ff)
  We will all be changed corruptible to incorruptible; mortal to immortal (15:51 ff)

  1 Corinthians 16 (20vs)
  As Galatians were doing, Corinthians were collecting money for Jerusalem saints.
  Paul's travel plans and options.
  News about and support requests for evangelists Timothy, Apollos, Stephanas, Fortunatus, Achaicus, Aquila and Priscilla.

  Acts 20:1-6: Ephesus, to Philippi, to Corinth, to Philippi, to Troas

  Acts 20:1-6 (6vs)
  From Ephesus after about 2 years, Paul went to churches in Macedonia (Philippi) and Greece (3 months in Corinth), then back to Philippi, and on to Troas.
While in Corinth, Greece, Paul wrote
the letter to the Galatians (see tomorrow) and to the Romans (see 11-26)

Back in Philippi, Macedonia, Paul wrote 2 Corinthians (see 12-2)

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Maps of 1st (Acts 13-15), 2nd (Acts 15-18), and 3rd Mission Trip (Acts 18-21) 53-57 AD - click to enlarge

Third trip route: (also see 1st trip and 2nd trip)
Northwest from Syria overland into Galatia (Turkey)
Antioch -> Tarsus -> Iconium -> Ephesus ->
(Sailed west across the Aegean Sea to Macedonia [northern Greece])
Thessalonica -> Corinth, Greece -> Thessalonica -> Philippi ->
(Sailed east across the Aegean Sea [northern Turkey coastal cities])
Troas -> Assos -> Mitylene -> Miletus -> Cos -> Rhodes ->
(Sailed along coast east on Mediterranean Sea [southern Turkey, west Cyrus, Judea])
Patara -> Paphos, Cyrus -> Tyre -> Ptolemois -> Caesarea -> Jerusalem

Local HISTORY charts:
History of the Dispersed Jews from Judea area around Jerusalem:
  * Diaspora, wikipedia * Dispersed Jews of Africa and Asia et al
  * - "After being conquered and dispersed by the Babylonians, Persians, and Greeks, Judea again became independent under the Hasmonean Jewish Kingdom from 165 to 63 B.CE."

Roman Empire citizens begin to hear about the Messiah in Israel

Approximate dates of various events of the apostles

* NT Introduction and The Book of Acts, Baruch Smith

* ca 30 AD - Jesus was crucified in Judea just outside of Jerusalem
* ca 30 AD - Witnesses saw Jesus alive, resurrected in Judea
* ca 32 AD - Stephen preached and was stoned
* ca 32-36 AD - Jesus converted Saul (aka Paul) on the road to Damascus (Acts 9:1-31, 22:1-22, and 26:9-24)
* ca 44-46 AD - Paul's 1st missionary journey (Acts 13-14)
* ca 49 or 50 AD - Jerusalem Conference for circumcision controversy (Acts 15; Gal 2:1)
* ca 50-52 AD - Paul's 2nd mission journey (Acts 16, 17, 18)
* ca 52 AD - Paul, Silas, Timothy spent about 18 months in Corinth (Acts 18)
* ca 53-57 AD - Paul's 3rd mission journey (Acts 18,19,20,21)
* ca 53-57 AD - Paul's 3rd mission journey: Ephesus (Acts 19)
* more

Roman Empire - secular dates of reign list of the Emperors of Rome

* Map of the rise and fall of Roman Empire, 753 BC-1453 AD

REIGNED: 81-96 AD - Caesar Domitian, emperor of the Roman Empire for ca 15 years. Ending the Flavian dynasty, he was assassinated.
REIGNED: 79-81 AD - Caesar Titus, emperor of the Roman Empire for ca 2 years, dying of a fever.
79 AD: Mt Vesuvius erupted, following a disasterous earthquake around Pompeii in 62 AD.
REIGNED: 69-79 AD - Caesar Vespasian, emperor of the Roman Empire for about 10 years. Having been a military leader, he conquered Britain in 43 AD, was at the Judea Rebellion (66-73), and was reigning when Jerusalem fell (70AD). Construction on the Colosseum (ca 71-80 AD) began during his reign.
REIGNED: 69 AD - Caesar Vitellius, emperor of the Roman Empire for 8 months.
REIGNED: 69 AD - Caesar Otho, emperor of the Roman Empire for 3 months.
REIGNED: 68-69 AD - Caesar Galba, emperor of the Roman Empire
REIGNED: 56-68 AD - Caesar Nero, emperor of the Roman Empire ruled during the great fire of Rome (64AD). The Judea Rebellion began (66 AD) during his reign. He committed suicide rather than be assasinated, aged 30.
REIGNED: 41-56 AD - Caesar Claudius, emperor of the Roman Empire conquered Britain, Judea, Phamphylia, Lycia.
Aquila and Priscilla moved to Corinth because Claudius exiled all Jews from Rome.
REIGNED: 37-41 AD - Caesar Caligula, emperor of the Roman Empire
REIGNED: 14-37 AD - Caesar Tiberius, emperor of the Roman Empire
REIGNED: 27 BC - 14 AD - Caesar Augustus, emperor of the Roman Empire, ordered a census of the entire empire ca 6-4 BC; Luke 2:1.

Rulers of Rome and Israel when Jesus was crucified

Harmony reading 4: Jesus was crucified in Judea (Nov 4)

DATE: ca 30 AD - around the age of 33, Jesus was crucified after being tried by Pontius Pilate and High Priest Annas
DATE: ca 6 AD - Annas High Priest officially from 6-15 AD, but who lived until assasinated in 66 AD
DATE: ca 14-37 AD - Tiberius Caesar, Emperor of the Roman Empire, began his reign
DATE: ca 18-36 AD - Caiaphas High Priest from 18-36 AD (John 18:13 - son-in-law of Annas)
DATE: ca 4 BC-34 AD - Philip the Tetrarch of Ituraea and Trachonitis, son of Herod the Great, died
DATE: ca 26-36 AD - after ruling about 10 years, Pontius Pilate was exiled to Gaul, perhaps by the cruel and insane Caligula who ruled Rome from 3741 AD
DATE: ca 37 AD - Tiberius, Emperor of the Roman Empire, died and was followed by Caligula (AD 3741) who claimed divinity
DATE: ca 39 AD - Tetrarch Herod Antipas was exiled from Galilee and Perea by his nephew Agrippa I who took over Galilee and Perea

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