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The Exodus
leading to the Promised Land

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The Exodus from Egypt:
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YrMonth,DayFrom ToSource
1st EVENT: On the 10-14th days of 1st mo in EGYPT, Israel prepared for the LORD's planned Passover (Exodus 12)
EVENT: God's destroyer passed over specially marked Israeli households. Ex 11:4-10, Ex 12
1st mo1, day15 Rameses Succoth Numbers 33:3,5
EVENT: On the 14th day, Israel looted neighbors in Egypt. On the 15th, Israel fled after the Passover. Exodus 14:5-31
1st mo 1 Succoth Wilderness of Etham Numbers 33:6
Exodus 13:17-20
1st mo 1 Wilderness of Etham back to
Pi-hahiroth, Migdol
Numbers 33:7
Exodus 14:1-2
EVENT: Israel walked through the sea. Egyptian army followed them, and drowned. Exodus 14:5-31
1st mo 1 (Pi)Hahiroth 3 days in Etham (aka Wilderness of Shur)

Marah (bitter water)
Exodus 15:22

Numbers 33:8
1st mo 1 Marah Elim (12 springs) Numbers 33:9
1st mo 1 Elim by the Red Sea Exodus 15:23-27
Numbers 33:10
1st mo2, da15 by Red Sea wilderness of Sin Exodus 16:1-31
Numbers 33:11
EVENT: People first complained about no meat and bread by the Wilderness of Sin, and got quail and manna Exodus 16:3
1st mo 2 wilderness of Sin Dophkah Numbers 33:12
1st mo 2 Dophkah Alush Numbers 33:13
1st mo 2 Alush Rephidim (no water) Numbers 33:14
Exodus 17:1-7
EVENT: Water from the Rock of Horeb (complaints are listed; thanks aren't)Exodus 17:5-6
PLACES NAMED by Moses: Massah and Meribah for quarreling and doubting God Exodus 17:7
EVENT: Battle with Amalek
Exodus 17:8-16
1st mo 3 Rephidim Wilderness of Sinai
(camped before God's mountain)
Numbers 33:15
Exodus 19:1
CAMP: The LORD led Moses to have the people camp at the base of Mt. Sinai in the Horeb Mountain Range Exodus 19:2
EVENT: Moses began receiving the law from the LORD
EVENT: Moses continued getting specific instructions with tests from the LORD
Exodus 19:3 ff
EVENT: Moses used plans from the LORD to build the Tabernacle and ordain priests PLANS: Exodus 25, 26, 27:9 ff
BUILT: Exodus 35, 36:8 ff, 38:20 ff
INSPECTED: Exodus 39:32 ff
SET UP: Exodus 40
Year 2
EVENT: Moses set up the Tabernacle on the 1st day, 1st month, 2nd year. Exodus 40:17
EVENT: Israel celebrated Passover 10-14th days of 1st month, a year out of Egypt.
Anyone unavailable to celebrate then would celebrate a month later.
Numbers 9:1-5
Numbers 9:6-14
2ndmo1, da10-14:celebrated PassoverNumbers 9:1-5
2nd mo2, da20 Wilderness of Sinai
left after Passover feast(s)
(Nu 9:1-11; includes
alternate Passover)
Kibroth Hattaavah
people greedy for quail
year after Ex 16:13 quail
Numbers 33:16
Nu 10:11
Nu 11:31 ff
Deut 9:22
Ps 78:18ff
2nd mo ? Kibroth Hattaavah Hazeroth Numbers 33:17
Numbers 11:35
2nd mo ? Hazeroth Rithmah entering the Wilderness of Paran Numbers 33:18
Num 12:16
EVENT: Moses sent out spies from Paran to evaluate the route to Kadesh Numbers 13:17
EVENTS: Various rebellions while camping in Paran (more) Numbers 13:31
Numbers 14-16
2nd mo ? Rithmah, in the Wilderness of Paran Rimmon-Perez Numbers 33:19
2nd mo ? Rimmon-Perez Libnah Numbers 33:20
2nd mo ? Libnah Rissah Numbers 33:21
2nd mo ? Rissah Kehelathah Numbers 33:22
2nd mo ? Kehelathah Mount Shepher (Shephar?) Numbers 33:23
2nd mo ? Mount Shepher Haradah Numbers 33:24
2nd mo ? Haradah Makheloth Numbers 33:25
2nd mo ? Makheloth Tahath Numbers 33:26
2nd mo ? Tahath Terah Numbers 33:27
2nd mo ? Terah Mithkah Numbers 33:28
? mo ? Mithkah Hashmonah Numbers 33:29
? mo ? Hashmonah Moseroth Numbers 33:30
? mo ? Moseroth Bene Jaakan Numbers 33:31
? mo ? Bene Jaakan Hor Haggidgad Numbers 33:32
? mo ? Hor Haggidgad Jotbathah Numbers 33:33
? mo ? Jotbathah Abronah Numbers 33:34
? mo ? Abronah Ezion Geber Numbers 33:35
? mo ? Ezion Geber Kadesh, on wilderness of Zin Numbers 33:36
Year 40
YrMonth,DayFrom camp at Moved on toSource
EVENT: Miriam died at Kadesh Numbers 20:1
40th mo ? Kadesh, wilderness of Zin
Mount Hor (edge of Edom) Numbers 33:37
40th5th mo, day 1 EVENT: Aaron died on Mount Hor in the 40th year, 5th month, 1st day Numbers 33:38-39
40th mo ? Mount Hor Zalmonah Numbers 33:41
40th mo ? Zalmonah Punon Numbers 33:42
40th mo ? Punon Oboth Numbers 33:43
40th mo ? Oboth Iye Abarim, Moab's border Numbers 33:44
40th mo ? Iyim Dibon Gad Numbers 33:45
40th mo ? Dibon Gad Almon Diblathaim Numbers 33:46
40th mo ? Almon Diblathaim Abarim Mts by Nebo Numbers 33:47
40th mo ? Abarim Mts by Nebo Plains of Moab by Jordan River at Jericho Numbers 33:48
Numbers 22-24
40th mo ? Encamped on the plains of Moab by the Jordan River at Jericho, from Beth Jeshimoth to Abel Shittim
At Shittim
Lord God commanded Eleazar take a census
Moses' successor named
Lord God Yahweh gave Moses commandments and ordinances to give the children of Israel in the plains of Moab by the Jordan at Jericho
Numbers 33:49
Numbers 25
Numbers 26
Numbers 27
Numbers 28-36
40th mo 11th, day 1 Moses gave Israel the Lord's commandments beyond the Jordan in the Moab wilderness
(in the Arabah by Suph, between Paran, Tophel, Laban, Hazeroth, and Dizahab).
Deuteronomy 1-33
40th11th mo, ? day EVENT: Moses died after seeing the Promised Land from Mount Nebo, atop Pisgah,
and was buried in the land of Moab over against Beth Peor
Deuteronomy 34

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