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Books of Obadiah - Introduction perhaps ca 845 BC

* Obadiah revealed what God showed of Edom's future destruction after one of the destructions of Jerusalem

Jonah - Introduction ca 820 BC

* Jonah spoke to Israel and to Ninevah early in the Israeli reign of Jeroboam II. (See 2 Kings 14:25)

Joel - Introduction ca 800 BC

* Joel prophesied from Judah (Uzziah/Azariah) while Jeroboam II reigned Israel

Hosea - Introduction probably 59 years, ca B.C. 784 - 723

* Hosea spoke to Israel during Jeroboam II's reign and Uzziah, Jothan, Ahaz, and Hezekiah's reigns in Judah.

See chart #1 of prophets in relation to the reigning kings of Judah and Israel
Another chart of Prophets and Kings

Day June Scripture Key Commentary
  180   29 Obadiah 1; Jonah 1-4; Joel 1 Prophets
Treatment of Non-Believers O 1 +J 1-4
  181   30 Joel 2-3; Hosea 1-3 Prophecy
* Disasters Get Attention Joel 1-3
* Hear - And See - O Israel Hosea 1-5

Day July Scripture Key Commentary
  182   1 Hosea 4-9 Pride
Where is your Pride? Hosea 6-9
  183   2 Hosea 10-14 Punish
Punished for Sin, Then What? Hosea 10-14

Book of Amos - Introduction ca 760 BC

Amos from Judah spoke to Israel while the Israeli reign of Jeroboam II overlapped Uzziah's reign in Judah.

Day July Scripture Key Commentary
  184   3 2Chronicles 26; Amos 1-4 Earthquake
Problems with Justice Am 1-4
  185   4 Amos 5-9 Judgment
Judgment: Guilty - Get Your Affairs in Order 5-9

Book of Isaiah - Introduction ca 760s-690s

* * Israel fell to Assyria, 721 BC * *

Isaiah had revelations from God during Uzziah, Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah's reigns in Judah.
Day July Scripture Key Commentary
  186   5 Isaiah 1-4 Repent
Repentance - By Choice or Force? Isa 1-5
  187   6 Isaiah 5,6; 2Kings 15; 2Chron. 27 War
Battles, Blessings, and Punishment 2Ch 27-29
  188   7 Isaiah 7-9; 2Chron. 28 Vision
Weaving Good News and Bad News Isa 6-9

Book of MICAH Introduction

A prophet of God during the reigns of Jotham, Ahaz, and Hezekiah of Judah.

Day July Scripture Key Commentary
  189   8 Micah 1-4 Covenants
God's Promises - Unconditional? 1-4
  190   9 Micah 5-7 Mercy
The Lord's Requirements 5-7
  191   10 2Kings 16-17 Assyria
Israel Removed from the LORD's Presence 2Ki 15-17

Book of NAHUM Introduction

A prophet of God during the reigns of Ahaz and Hezekiah of Judah. One other source believes Nahum prophesized later, during Josiah's reign.

Day July Scripture Key Commentary
  192   11 Isaiah 10; Nahum 1-3 Nineveh
The Lord's FAQ for Gentiles Nahum 1-3
  193   12 Isaiah 11-14 Darkness
When the LORD Intervenes 10-13
  194   13 Isaiah 15-19 Aliens
Israel, Babylon, Assyria, Moab, Damascus, Cush 14-18
  195   14 Isaiah 20-23 Egypt
Egypt, Edom, Arabia, Babylon, Jerusalem, Tyre 19-23
  196   15 Isaiah 24-27 Response
What To Learn BEFORE Your World Falls Apart 24-28
  197   16 Isaiah 28-30 Salvation
Do You Recognize Salvation When You See It? 28-30
  198   17 Isaiah 31-35 See
Can You See What's Coming? 31-35
  199   18 Isaiah 36; 2Kings 18 Hezekiah
The Beginning of the Reign of Hezekiah 2Ki 18-19
  200   19 2Chron 29; Psalms 2,10,82 Revival
Hezekiah On Revivial and Testing 2Ch 30-32
  201   20 Psalms 94,123; 2Chronicles 30-31 Passover
Psalms: God judges; look to Him 21 of 27
  202   21 2Kings 19; 2Chron 32 Sennacherib
History Between Sennacherib and Hezekiah Isa36-38
  203   22 2Kings 20; Isaiah 37-39 Repents
When A Ruler Weeps and Prays 2Ki 20-23
  204   23 Isaiah 40-42 Gospel
The Lord's Plans For Intervention 39-42
  205   24 Isaiah 43-45 Almighty
How Unique, The God of Israel 42-45
  206   25 Isaiah 46-49 Reveals
The Lord Announces Something New 45-49
  207   26 Isaiah 50-53 Messiah
Restoration After Babylon and Through Messiah 49-53
  208   27 Isaiah 54-58 Sing, barren
The Lord Reveals More 54-58
  209   28 Isaiah 59-63:10 Anointed
Considering the Plan: Confession and Redemption 59-63
  210   29 Isaiah 63-66 Redeem
Ruins, Rebellion, Repentance, Redemption 63-66
  211   30 Psalm 49, Proverbs 30-31 Proverbs
Psalms 22 of 27; Prov collected after Hezekiah
  212   31 2Ki 21; 2Chron 33; 2Ki 22 Manasseh
Revival Is Not Inherited 33-34

Book of Habakkuk - Introduction

Habakkuk relayed messages and revelations from God probably about the 12th or 13th year of Josiah's reign

Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  213   1 2Chron 34; Habakkuk 1-3 Josiah
The Lord's Punishment and Anger Hab 1-3

Book of Zephaniah - Introduction

Before the revival in Judah, Zephaniah had revelations from God early in Josiah's reign then was joined by Jeremiah.

Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  214   2 Zephaniah 1-3 Josiah
Warning! Warning! 1-3
  215   3 2Kings 23:1-30; Psalms 44 Josiah
The Fall of Judah 2Ki23-25

Book of Jeremiah - Introduction

Jeremiah had messages and revelations from God from the 13th year of Josiah's reign
to beyond the final kings of Judah. Jeremiah and Zephaniah were contemporaries.

Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  216   4 Jeremiah 1-3 Josiah
Is There Any Cure For Faithless Backsliders? 1-3
EVENT: Jeremiah relayed God's early warning to flee Jerusalem
ca 612 BC - Nebuchadnezzar's father, Nabopolassar of Babylon, and father-in-law, Cyaxerxes of the Medes, conquered the Assyrian city of Nineveh
  217   5 Jeremiah 4-6 Nations
A Destroyer of Nations Has Set Out 4-6
  218   6 Jeremiah 7-9 Judgment
God's People: Charged and Sentenced 7-9
  219   7 Jeremiah 10-13 Idolatry
How Idol Worship Ruined the Covenant 10-13
  220   8 Jeremiah 14-17 Wicked
What Wrong Have We Done? 14-17
ca 609 BC: On Pharaoh Necho's way to meet the Babylonians at Carchemish in Syria, Judah's King Josiah tried to stop Egypt from the intended battle. Josiah was killed at Megiddo and buried at Jerusalem.
ca 609: Jehoahaz (aka Shallum) began a 3 mo reign before Egypt replaced him.
ca 609-605 BC: Judah was under Egyptian control after the death of King Josiah. Pharaoh Necho established Josiah's second son Jehoiakim as the puppet king of Judah.
EVENT: Jehoiakim (aka Eliakim) began an 11 year reign ca 608 BC
  221   9 Jer 18, 19, 20, 23 Jehoiakim
Watching for National Repentance 18-21
  222   10 parts of 2Chr35,36 ; 2Ki23,24; Jer 22 Jehoiakim
The End of Judah 35-36

Book of DANIEL - Introduction

Born during Josiah's reign in Judah, Daniel was exiled in the 3rd or 4th year of King Jehoiakim to Babylon as a young man during Nebuchadnezzar's solo reign.

DATE: ca 606 BC - Jehoiakim's 4th year as king was Nebuchadnezzar's 1st year solo reign of Babylonia at the death of his father and co-ruler, Nabopolasser.
DATE: 606 BC - Nebuchadnezzar drove Egypt out of Carchemish and south toward Palestine (coastal Philistine territory).
EVENT: 606 BC - Nebuchadnezzar besieged Jerusalem in Jehoiakim's 3rd or 4th year.
EVENT: 606 BC - Nebuchadnezzar carried off Daniel and other young Jewish nobility, plus articles from the temple to Babylon in the fourth year of the reign of Jehoiakim.
Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  223 11 Daniel 1-3 Nebuchadnezzar
The God Who Reveals Mysteries 2-3
  224 12 Jeremiah 25-27:11 Jehoiakim
How To Survive Exile 25-27
  225 13 Jeremiah 30,31,35 Jehoiakim
Property Rights 31-32
  226 14 Jeremiah 36,45,46 Jehoiakim
I Hear You, But I'm Not Listening 36-38
DATE: ca 604 BC - Having moved through Philistine land, Nebuchadezzar fought Egypt, led by Pharaoh Necho, but Babylonia - unable to conquer Egypt - soon returned home.
DATE: ca 604 BC - Seeing Egypt's apparent victory, Jehoiakim of Judah switched allegance back to Egypt from Babylonia.
DATE: ca 598 BC - Nebuchadezzar sent his army to retake Judah from its Egyptian allegiance.
DATE: ca 598 BC - After 10 years, in his 11th year, Jehoiakim unexpectedly died, and his son Jehoiachin became king.

EVENT: (JECONIAH, CONIAH) JEHOIACHIN, aged 18, became king of Judah
DATE: ca 598 BC - Jehoiachin had reigned 3 months in 598 BC when he surrendered Jerusalem to Babylonia, as the prophet Jeremiah had told his father must be done.
Thousands went into Babylonian exile, including Ezekiel, Esther with her uncle Mordecai, King Jehoiachin, the queen mother, the eunuchs, princes of Judah and Jerusalem, craftsmen, smiths.
  227 15 parts of 2Ch36; 2Ki24;
Jer 22, 24, 27(parts), 28
Recognizing False Prophets 22-24
EVENT: In Babylon, King Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) was in his 1st of 37 years in prison (ca 598-561 BC)
EVENT: Judah's final king of David's line ZEDEKIAH (aka MATTANIAH)'s 11 year reign began (aged 21) ca 598 BC
  228 16 Jer 29, 50 Zedekiah
Prospering in Exile 28-30
  229 17 Jer 51 Zedekiah
The Future and Babylon 50-51:26

Book of EZEKIEL - Introduction

About 597 BC, Ezekiel, a priest, was exiled to Babylon during the 3 month reign of Jehoiachin, next to last king of Judah (1:2; 2Kings 24:14-16), during Nebuchadnezzar's solo reign. His prophetic call came in the 5th year of Jehoiachin's captivity (and 5th year of Zedekiah's reign) about 594 BC, perhaps when Ezekiel was 30.

EVENT: In Judah, Jeremiah continued prophesying
EVENT: In Judah, the 5th year of Zedekiah's 11 yr reign (ca 594-593 BC)
EVENT: In Babylon, King Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) was in his 5th year of captivity (ca 594-593 BC)
EVENT: In Babylon, Ezekiel began prophesying to fellow Jews
Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  230 18 Ezekiel 1-4 Ezekiel
Ezekiel, A Prophet In Exile 1-4
EVENT: The 6th year of ZEDEKIAH's 11 yr reign (ca 593-592 BC)
EVENT: In Babylon, Ezekiel was prophesying in the 6th year of exile (ca 593-592 BC)
  231 19 Ezekiel 5-8 Nebuchadnezzar
When The Lord Rejects Rejection 5-8
  232 20 Ezekiel 9-12 Nebuchadnezzar
Derailed In Jerusalem 9-12
EVENT: In Babylon, King Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) remained in prison
EVENT: Ezekiel continued prophesying in Babylon
EVENT: Back in Judah, King Zedekiah was still angered, not repentant, by what Jeremiah prophesied
  233 21 Ez 13,14,15,16:40 Nebuchadnezzar
False Prophets and Forgotten Love 13-16:23
TIME: Ezekiel's 6th year of exile continued; 5 years before Jerusalem fell
  234 22 Ez 16:41, 17, 18, 19 Nebuchadnezzar
Like Mother, Like Daughter 16:24-18:13
TIME: Ezekiel's 7th year in exile; 4 years before Jerusalem fell
  235 23 Ez 20, 21 Nebuchadnezzar
Changing the Covenant Agreement 18:14-20:49
  236 24 Ez 22, 23 Nebuchadnezzar
No One In The Gap 21-22
TIME: In Babylon, King Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) was in his 9th year in prison
EVENT: Back in Judah, Zedekiah was in his 9th of 11 years as king of Judah; Jeremiah prophesied
DATE: ca 589 BC - with only Tyre, Egypt, and perhaps Ammon supporting Judah, Babylonian troops returned and captured most of Judah except for Jerusalem
DATE: ca 589 BC - Egyptian Pharaoh Necho II had died in 595 BC. Now his son Pharaoh Psamtik II died, replaced by his son Apries (aka Hophra) (589-570 BC)
DATE: ca 588 BC - Jerusalem was under siege. When Egypt's Pharaoh Hophra sent an army to aid Jerusalem, Babylonia left the siege to turn back the Egyptian forces.
* Once again, the remaining Jews believed God had delivered Jerusalem, until Babylonian forces returned from defeating Egyptian forces.
  237 25 2Ki 25:1; Ez24; Jer 21,38 Zedekiah
When Wasting Away Reveals The Lord Ez23-24
TIME: 587 BC - ZEDEKIAH's 10th of 11 yr reign; Jerusalem still under siege
  238 26 Jer 37,32,33 Zedekiah
The Value of Obedience 33-35
* In July of 587/586 BC - the Babylonian siege finally succeeded to breach the walls of Jerusalem and conquer the city.
TIME: 587/586 BC - Babylonia captured holy city of Jerusalem, defiling the temple
ZEDEKIAH was captured in his 11th year. After watching his sons killed, he was blinded and forced to Babylon to die.
DATE: ca 585-572 BC - Nebuchadnezzar besieged Tyre for 13 years to a stand-off
NOTE: Pharaoh Hophra (aka Apries) stayed in power in Egypt until overthrown by army general Amasis in 570 BC
DATE: When Jerusalem fell, Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) didn't know that he was in the 11th of 37 years in a Babylonian prison (ca 598-561 BC)
  239 27 Jer 34; Ps 46,77,85; Ezekiel 29 Babylonia
Psalms Too Troubled to Eat, Sleep 22 of 27
  240 28 Ps 74,79,83,88,121 Babylonia
Psalms Rejection, Ruin, Destruction 23 of 27
  241 29 Ezek 30,31; 2Ki 25:2-21; Jer 39 Jerusalem
The LORD Deals With Pride 28-31

Book of LAMENTATIONS - Introduction

written by the prophet Jeremiah after Nebuchadnezzar's army captured Jerusalem and took most of the remaining Jews into captivity in Babylonia.

Day Aug Scripture Key Commentary
  242 30 Ezekiel 26-28; Lam 1:1-11 Jerusalem
The Lord Hears National Responses To Israel 25-27
  243 31 Lamentations 1:12-3:66 Jerusalem
When The Loss Is Too Much, Too Hard, Too Impossible 1-5

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
  244   1 Lament 4-5; Jer 40; part of 2Ki 25 Punishment
Jerusalem Falls - Egypt Calls 39-42
  245   2 Jer 41-44 Gedaliah
False Worship Continues 43-46
  246   3 Jer 47-48; Ezek 25 Judgment
The Lord Warns Israel's Neighbors Jer47-49
  247   4 Jer 49, 52; 2Ch 36:11-21 Babylon
Final Thoughts: Babylon, Jerusalem, Jehoiachin Jer51:27-52:34
* DATE: 12th year of exile in Babylonia
  248   5 Ps 137; Ez 32-33; Ps 80 Terrorism
Warnings for Terrorists and National Security Watchmen Ez32-33
  249   6 Ez 34-36 Sheep
On Hating Israel and Profaning the Name 34-36
  250   7 Psalms 107,116,129,130 Afflicted
Psalms fitting life in exile 24 of 27
  251   8 Ez 37-39 Gog
Focus on Israel: Disaster and Recovery 37-39
* TIME: 25th year of exile in Babylonia
* DATE: Ezekiel prophesied to Jews in Babylonia until about 573/2 BC when, after encouraging the Jews to consider their unique relationship with God, Ezekiel died in the land of exile.
* DATE: c 572 BC - end of Babylonian siege of Tyre.
  252   9 Ez 40-42 Temple
See the Temple Ezekiel Was Shown 40-42
  253 10 Ez 43-45 Consider
The Final Temple - Consider the Plan 43-46
  254 11 Ez 46-48 Israel
Israel's Future 47-48
DATE: ca 568 BC - Nebuchadnezzar fought Phoenicia and Egypt, then returned to rebuild and upgrade the city of Babylon.
DATE: ca 562 BC - Nebuchadnezzar died after a 43 year reign (ca 605-562 BC)
DATE: ca 562–560 BC - Nebuchadnezzar's son Amel-Marduk (aka Evil-Merodach) reigned ca 2 years
DATE: ca 561 BC - Amel-Marduk (aka Evil-Merodach) brought Judah's former king Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) out of prison after 37 years (ca 598-561 BC)
DATE: ca 560 BC - Evil-Merodach was assasinated by brother-in-law, Neriglissar.
DATE: ca 560–556 BC - Nergal-sharezer (aka Neriglissar) reigned Babylonia ca 4 years
DATE: ca 556 BC - Neriglissar's boy son, Labashi-Marduk's short reign; assasinated
DATE: ca 556-539 - An Assyrian from Harran, Nabonidus became king of Babylon for ca 17 years after Labashi-Marduk was killed, but he shared the throne with his son, Belshazzar
DATE: ca 553-539 - Belshazzar became co-regent in charge of Babylonian defense with his father temporarily pursuing other interests
  255 12 Dan 4; 2Ki 25:27-30; Jer 52:31-34; Dan 7 Nebuchadnezzar
Nebuchanezzar Dan4-5

DATE: ca 553-539 - Belshazzar's reign of Babylon continues
DATE: ca 539 BC - Babylon captured by Darius the Mede and his nephew Cyrus the Great of Persia (Cyrus II) as Babylonia became part of the Achaemenid Empire (map)
  256 13 Daniel 8,5,9 Exile
Thanking God - for Exile? 6-7
  257 14 Daniel 11,6 Foreknowledge
Foreknowledge 8-9
DATE: ca 539 BC - King Belshazzar lost the Babylonian Empire in one night when Darius the Mede and Cyrus the Great took the kingdom of Babylon
DATE: ca 539 BC - Probably Darius the Mede was also named Cyaxares II, 62 year old uncle of Cyrus the Great, referred to in the book of Daniel.
DATE: ca 538 BC - "Decree of Cyrus" by Cyrus the Great gave the Jews (Judahites) permission to return to the Judah (Yehud) province to rebuild the Temple at Jerusalem.
DATE: ca 537 BC - Darius the Mede died and Cyrus was sole king, per and

Book of EZRA - Introduction

written by the priest Ezra when the captivity in the Persian Empire (previously the Babylon Empire) was decreed finished and 42,360 Jews returned to Judah - once again called Israel.

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
  258 15 2Ch 36:22-23; Ezra 1; Ps 126; Ezra 2-4:1-5 Cyrus
Rebuilding Begins in Jerusalem Ezra 1-4

Book of HAGGAI - Introduction
and of ZECHARIAH - Introduction

written about Jews leaving the Persian Empire (previously the Babylon Empire) after the captivity had been decreed finished and 42,360 Jews had returned to Israel to rebuild the Temple.

DATE: ca 537-520 BC - From the third year of Cyrus king of Persia to his death, construction on the Second Temple began
DATE: ca 530-522 BC - Cyrus's son, Cambyses II (aka Artaxerxes) ruled the Persian Empire, but spent much time in Egypt. He shut down construction on the temple.
DATE: ca 522 BC - A usurper sometimes known as Smerdis reigned 7 months
DATE: ca 522-485 BC - Darius I the Great ruled the Persian Empire
DATE: ca 520 BC - in the 2nd year of Darius, Haggai (6th month) and Zechariah (8th month) began getting messages from God for Israel.
Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
  259 16 Daniel 10,12; Ezra 4:6-24; Haggai 1-2:1-9 Ezra
Insight and Understanding Dan10-12
  260 17 Zech 1:1-6; Haggai 2:10-23; Zech 1:7ff; 2-4 Zechariah
Special Offer: New Beginning Zech1-4
DATE: ca 520 BC - the 2nd year of Darius I continues
  261 18 Zechariah 5-6; Ezra 5-6:12 Haggai
Babylonia-Persia Recognizes The God of Heaven Ezra5-7
DATE: ca 518-516 BC - the 4th to 6th year of Darius I
  262 19 Zechariah 7-11 post-exilic God
Connections Zech5-9
DATE: ca 515 BC - rebuilding of the Second Temple was completed during the 7th year of Darius I the Great
  263 20 Zechariah 12-14; Ezra 6:13-22 on that day
What Will Happen to Israel? Zech10-14
DATE: ca 485 BC - Darius I the Great died about 31 years later
DATE: ca 485 BC - The son of Darius I, Xerxes I the Great, (aka Ahasuerus), ruled the Persian Empire from ca 485-465 BC

Book of ESTHER - Introduction

written about Jews still living in Shushan and the citadel of Susa, fortress capital of the Persian Empire (conquered Babylon Empire)
after the captivity had been decreed finished and 42,360 Jews had returned to Israel to rebuild the Temple.

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
DATE: ca 482-473 BC - In the 3rd to 12th year of Xerxes I the Great's reign (aka Ahasuerus) who married Esther
  264 21 Esther 1-4 Mordecai's niece
Jews Serving the King of Persia 1-4
DATE: ca 473 BC - 12th year of Xerxes I the Great, (aka Ahasuerus) - Haman organized a Jewish holocaust throughout the Persian Empire.
  265 22 Esther 5-10 Esther
A New Celebration: Purim 5-10
DATE: ca 465 BC - 20th year of reign of Xerxes I the Great - Esther's husband - died
DATE: ca 465-424 BC - Artaxerxes I Longimanus, son of Xerxes I, ruled the Persian Empire
DATE: ca 458 BC - 7th year of the reign of Artaxerxes I Longimanus
  266 23 Ezra 7-10:17 Second Temple
Repenting, Returning, Confessing, Correcting 8-10

Book of NEHEMIAH - Introduction

more on the Jewish return to Israel to rebuild the Temple.

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
DATE: ca 445 BC - 20th year of the reign of Artaxerxes I Longimanus
  267 24 Ezra 10:18-44; Nehemiah 1-3 Nehemiah
Nehemiah, Cupbearer to the King Neh.1-3
  268 25 Nehemiah 4-6 Nehemiah
Patience With a Purpose and a Plan Neh.4-6
  269 26 Nehemiah 7-8 Nehemiah
The Joy of the LORD is MY Strength Neh.7-8
  270 27 Nehemiah 9-10 Nehemiah
Worshiping the LORD's Mercy and Justice - With Facts Neh.9-10
  271 28 Nehemiah 11-12 Nehemiah
The Revival and Post-Revival Cleanup Neh.11-13

Book of MALACHI - Introduction

Probably a contemporary with Nehemiah

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
  272 29 Malachi 1-4; Nehemiah 13 Malachi
Warning: Respect the Lord Mal.1-4
DATE: ca 424 BC - in his 41st year, Artaxerxes I Longimanus of the Persian Empire died
DATE: ca 424 BC - Xerxes II, son of Artaxerxes I, began his 45 day rule of the Persian Empire
DATE: from ca 424-330 BC - 6 more kings ruled the Persian Empire until its fall to Greece in 330 BC
DATE: from ca 330 BC to ca 146 BC - Greek power continued through the Hellenistic period
DATE: from ca 312 BC to ca 63 BC - Egypt and the Seleucid Empire were states set up from dividing Alexander the Great’s Greek empire after 323 BC.
DATE: from ca 163 BC - Maccabean Revolt in Israel by Jewish rebels led to...
DATE: from ca 140 BC to ca 37 BC - the Hasmonean Kingdom of Israel, followed by the Herodian Dynasty 37 BC - 92 AD

Writings between the time of Malachi and Matthew:
Canons of the Hebrew Bible, by Dennis Bratcher


- in Judea: Herod the Great | Herod Agrippa I | Herod "Agrippa" II
- in Syria Quirinius, governor of Syria who ordered a census in Judea (Luke 2:2)
- in Roman Empire Ceasar Augustus (Luke 2:1) | Tiberius
- in Galilee Herod Antipas had John the Baptist killed, and he mocked Jesus at his rushed trial

The New Testament
Harmony of four Gospels of Jesus Christ:

Book of MATTHEW - Introduction
"..this Gospel was written for Jewish Christians of Palestine. (Matthew's) great object is to prove that Jesus of Nazareth was the promised Messiah, and that in him the ancient prophecies had their fulfilment." Easton's Bible Dictionary
Book of MARK - Introduction
"(Mark's) Gospel is a rapid succession of vivid pictures loosely strung together without much attempt to bind them into a whole or give the events in their natural sequence." Easton's Bible Dictionary
Book of LUKE - Introduction
Luke was a gentile and a physician. He was not an eye witness of Jesus, but became a believer while eye witnesses were still alive to be interviewed.
Book of JOHN - Introduction
"..there is a picture on the one hand of the antagonism of the world to the truth revealed in him, and on the other of the spiritual blessedness of the few who yield themselves to him as the Light of life" Reuss, Easton's Bible Dictionary

Day Sep Scripture Key Commentary
  273 30 Lk 1:1-80; Jo 1:1-9 Angels
Reactions to Angel Messages Luke 1-2:24

Day Oct Scripture Key Commentary
  274 1 Lk 2:1-52; Mt 1:1-2:23 Revelation
Jesus' Background and Preparation, Matt 1-4
  275 2 Mk 1; Lk 3,4; Mt 3,4; Jo 1 Disciples
In the Beginning Was the Word John 1-3
  276 3 Mk 1; Lk 3,4; Mt 4; Jo 2 Works
Healing, Forgiveness, and Answering Questions Mark 1-3
  277 4 Matthew 5:1-6:34 Sermon on Mount Sermon on the Mount Matt 5-7
  278 5 Mt 7,8:27; Mk 2:1-22; Jo 2 & 3 Sermon on Mount Preparation of a Promise Lk 2:25-3:38
  279 6 Mt 8,9; Mk 5,2; Lk 8,5 Heal, teach; Legion Spiritual Power Throughout Attacks Lk 4:1-6:19
  280 7 Jn 2,3,4; Mt 9; Mk 2; Lk 5 Passover, Questions When Words of Praise Don't Count Jo 4-5
  281 8 Jn 4; Mt 12; Mk 2,3; Lk 6 Healing on Sabbath Watch Jesus Teach, Explain, and Heal Mt 8-10:23
  282 9 Mt 10; Mk 3; Lk 6,9 Apostles chosen Practical Applications for a Godly Life Lk 6:19-7:50
  283 10 Mt 4,11,14; Mk 6, 1; Lk 3,7,8; Jn 5 Apostles sent Spreading His Message: Healing, Parables, and Hometown Disbelief Mk 4-6:11
  284 11 Mt12,9; Mk3,6; Lk11,8; Jn 5 Parables; demons Kingdom Membership Mt 10:24-12:50
  285 12 Mt13; Mk4,8; Lk8 Parables He did WHAT? He said WHAT? Lk 8-9:27
  286 13 Mt14; Mk6; Lk9; Jn6,7 Teaching, healing Parable and Life Teachings Mt 13:1-15:20
  287 14 Mt14,13; Mk6; John 6,7 Teaching, healing Invited To Eat HIS Words Jn 6-7:32
  288 15 John 7:14-53, 8:1-59 Teaching, healing Words to Set You Free Jn 7:33-9:41
  289 16 Mt15; Mk7; Jn9 Teaching, healing From Healing to Getting the Message Mk 6:12-8:16
  290 17 Mt15,16; Mk7,8,9; Lk9 Secret evidence Teaching Through Conflict Mt 15:21-18:14
  291 18 Mt17,18; Mk9; Lk9 Follow Jesus' doctrine The Light and His Advance Men Lk 9:28-11:13
  292 19 Luke 11,12 Follow Jesus' doctrine Jesus Continues Teaching His Disciples Lk 11:14-12:59
  293 20 Luke 12,13,14,15; Matt 18 Follow Jesus' doctrine More Demonstrations With Parables to Explain Lk 13-15
  294 21 Lk 15,16,17,18; Mt18; Mk9 Final tour began Speaking With Parables and Proverbs Lk 16-18
  295 22 Mt19; Mk10; Lk10,18; Jn10 Eternal Life Words That Raise the Dead Jn 10-11
  296 23 Mt17,18,19; Mk10; Lk9,10 Kingdom citizens Eye Witnesses And Further Training Mk 8:17-10:31
  297 24 Mt19,20; Mk10; Lk10,18 More Q and A-s Resistance Levels and Reverse Order Truth Mt 18:15-21:17
  298 25 Mk10; Lk19; Jo 11 Jericho, Bethany Reaching out to the Lost Lk 19-20
  299 26 Mt 21; Mk 11; Lk19; Jo 11,12 Ephraim, Bethany Words to Keep, Speak, and Obey Jn 12-14:21
  300 27 Mt 21,22; Mk 12; Lk20 Jerusalem Sending the Son - Messiah! Mk 10:32-12:44
  301 28 Mt 22,23; Mk 12; Lk20,21 Passover teachings The Pharisees' and Sadducees' Best Shots Mt 21:18-23:26
  302 29 Mt24; Mk13; Lk21; Jo16 Q&A: Messiah Betrayed and Disowned Lk 21-22
  303 30 Mt24,25,26; Mk13,14; Lk21,22 Watch! Watching and Waiting to the End Mk 13-14
  304 31 Mt26; Mk14; Lk22; Jo13 Gathering Getting Ready to Meet the Messiah Mt 23:27-25:46

Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  306 1 Jo13,14,15,16 Signs
Signs of Jesus' Impending Death Mt 26:1-27:26
  306 2 Mt26; Mk14; Lk22; Jo17,18 Word
Taking His Word For It Jo 14:22-17:26
  307 3 Mt26,27; Mk14,15; Lk22,23; Jo18 Kingdom
Final Words Jo 18-19
  308 4 Mt27; Mk15; Lk23; Jo18,19 King
Jesus Died and Rose Again Lk 23-24
  309 5 Mt27; Mk15; Lk23; Jo19 Crucify
The Plan Unfolds: Forsaken and Resurrected Mk 15-16
  310 6 Mt27,28; Mk15,16; Lk23,24; Jo19,20 Death
Death, Resurrection, Servant Assignments Mt 27:27-28:20
  311 7 Mt28; Mk16; Lk24; Jo20,21 Messiah
Jesus Keeps His Word Jo 20-21

Book of ACTS - Introduction

written by the disciple doctor Luke.

Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  312 8 Acts 1-3 Wait for
Believers in Transition Acts 1-3
  313 9 Acts 4-6 Holy Spirit
A New Approach To God Acts 4-6
  314 10 Acts 7-9 Believe-Obey
1 Died, Others Were Born Again Acts 7-9:31
  315 11 Acts 9-11 Name
How the Faith Spread Acts 9:32-11:18

Book of JAMES - Introduction
40-41 AD
written by James the Less, the Lord's brother, one of the twelve apostles.
He was one of the three pillars of the Church (Galatians 2:9)
Some also think this book was written around 45-49 AD,
others think he wrote it later, around 62 AD.

Book of ACTS continues here, below with mission trips, and Acts 19 on
Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  316 12 Acts 12; James 1 Name
Early Believers Spread The Word Acts 11:19-13:52
  317 13 James; Acts 12-13 Name
What If... James 1-5
  318 14 Acts 13-15 Suffering
Hardships at the Entrance Acts 14:1-16:15
  319 15 Acts 16-18 Earthquake
Show the Jews, Then the Gentiles Acts 16:16-18:23

Charts, Maps, and Outlines of Mission Trips involving Paul (click to enlarge)
CITY CHART: 1st trip
QUIZ: 1st trip
CITY CHART: 2nd trip
QUIZ: 2nd trip
CITY CHART: 3rd trip
QUIZ: 3rd trip

Paul and Barnabus - 1st trip outline: 44-46 AD Acts 13-14

The Council at Jerusalem: ca 49-50 AD Acts 15

Paul and Silas - 2nd trip outline: (ca 51-52) Acts 15:36 ff, 16, 17, 18:1-22

While in Corinth
ca 52 AD     Paul wrote 1 Thessalonians
    (1st letter of scripture written by Paul)
ca 52 AD     Paul wrote 2 Thessalonians

On to Mission Trip 3

Book of 1 THESSALONIANS - Introduction
50 AD
written by Saul/Paul the Apostle perhaps while he was at Corinth near the end of 52 AD.

It was on his second missionary journey that Paul and his co-workers had established a church there (Acts 17:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 1:9).
The letter was written when Timothy returned from Macedonia with news of the condition of the church in Thessalonica. (Acts 18:1-5; 1 Thessalonians 3:6)

Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  320 16 1 Thessalonians 1-5 Caught Up
From Paul, With Encouragement 1Thess 1-5
written at Corinth (Greece) - 18 months (during 2nd trip)
Book of 2 THESSALONIANS - Introduction
51 AD
written by Saul/Paul the Apostle perhaps soon after the first letter, and while he was still at Corinth near the end of 52 AD.

It was on his second missionary journey that Paul and his co-workers had established a church there (Acts 17:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 1:9).

Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  321 17 2 Thessalonians 1-3; Acts 18 Suffering
Why God's People Suffer 2Thess 1-3
written at Corinth during 2nd trip or at Ephesus (Asia Minor) - 2 years (during 3rd trip)

2nd trip concludes going back across the Aegean Sea to Ephesus, then Rhodes,
on to Caesarea, then up to Jerusalem.
Back to home church in Syria (Antioch).

After some time at the Antioch Syria church, the THIRD TRIP began

  322 18 Acts 18:23, 19:1-41 Holy Spirit
Receive the Holy Spirit Acts 18:24-20:38

Paul's Mission Trip 3 Outline (Acts 18:23-21:17)

Paul and Silas - 3rd trip: ca 53-57 18:23-28, 19, 20, 21:1-17
Cities, Map, Quiz, Chronological

Acts18: Paul's group left Syria (Antioch)
for Cilicia (Tarsus), Galatia (Iconium), Phrygia
Other evangelists and teachers for Christ:
    Meanwhile, Priscilla and Aquila met and instructed Apollos in Ephesus.
Now led by the Holy Spirit, Apollos moved on to teach in Corinth.
Acts19: Paul stayed in Asia (Ephesus [2 years])

ca 57 AD     Paul wrote 1 Corinthians from Ephesus
    Meanwhile, Paul sent Timothy and Erastus ahead to Macedonia
Acts20: From Ephesus, Paul went to Macedonia, Greece (stayed in Corinth 3mo).
ca 57-58     Paul wrote Galatians from Corinth
ca spg 58     Paul wrote Romans from Corinth
Paul went back through Macedonia (Philippi)
ca 57-58     Paul wrote 2Corinthians from Philippi
Paul went on to Asia (Troas) where Eutychus fell and was revived,
and sailing from Assos came to Mitylene, Samos, Trogyllium,
then Miletus where Ephesian believers came to see him 1 last time.
Acts21: Paul's group sailed from Miletus to Cos, Rhodes, Patara.
Found ship to Phoenicia past Cyprus to Syria (Tyre), to Ptolemais, to Caesarea
- giving Paul time to say good-bye to disciples who responded as Peter had,
hearing of Jesus's coming death. Paul went to Jerusalem.

Book of 1 CORINTHIANS - Introduction
56 AD
Practical application information written around 56-57 AD by Saul/Paul the Apostle during his 2 years at Ephesus (1 Corinthians 16:8).
Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  323 19 1Corinthians 1-4 Holy Spirit
Who Are You? 1-4
  324 20 1Corinthians 5-8 Love
Behave Yourself 5-8
  325 21 1Corinthians 9-11 Faith
Exercising Faith 9-11
  326 22 1Corinthians 12-14 Spiritual
Spiritual Gifts, Love, Worship 12-14
  327 23 1Corinthians 15-16; Acts 20 Resurrection
Resurrection 15-16
written at Ephesus (Asia Minor) - 2 years (during 3rd trip)
Book of GALATIANS - Introduction
Some think 53 AD; others think ca 57
by Saul/Paul the Apostle. Easton's Bible Dictionary: Galatians was "written very soon after Paul's second visit to Galatia (Acts 18:23). The references of the epistle appear to agree with this conclusion. The visit to Jerusalem, mentioned in Galatians 2:1-10, was identical with that of Acts 15, and it is spoken of as a thing of the past, and consequently the epistle was written subsequently to the council of Jerusalem. The similarity between this epistle and that to the Romans has led to the conclusion that they were both written at the same time, namely, in the winter of A.D. 57-8, during Paul's stay in Corinth" for 3 months. (Acts 20:2,3)
Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  328 24 Galatians 1-3:25 Spiritual Gifts
Free Gift Galatians 1-3:25
  329 25 Galatians 3:26-6:18 Law/Grace
Not By Law But By Grace Galatians 3:26-6:18
written at Corinth [Achea/Greece] (during 3rd trip)

Book of ROMANS - Introduction
57 AD
Probably written at the end of his second visit to Greece (Macedonia) early in early 58 AD by the apostle Paul during his 3rd trip stay at Corinth.
2 Corinthians was written about the same time.
Day Nov Scripture Key Commentary
  330 26 Romans 1-2 Good News
Who is a Jew? Who Is Approved By God? Rom 1-2
  331 27 Romans 3-5 Justify
Justified by Faith Rom 3-5
  332 28 Romans 6-8 Change
What A Change! Rom 6-8
  333 29 Romans 9-11 Jews
What About Israel? Rom 9-11
  334 30 Romans 12-14 Mercy
God's Mercy, My Response Rom 12-14
  335 Dec1 Romans 15-16 Faith
Exercising and Getting Stronger Rom 15-16
written at Corinth [Achea/Greece] (during 3rd trip)

Book of 2 CORINTHIANS - Introduction
57 AD
Probably written in late 57 or early 58 AD by Saul/Paul the Apostle during his 3rd trip stay at Philippi or Thessalonica.

Romans was written about the same time.
Titus delivered the letter to believers in Corinth, Athens, Cenchrea, and other Greek cities (in Achaia).

Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  336 2 2 Corinthians 1-5 Comfort
Father of Compassion and Comfort 1:1-6:2
  337 3 2 Corinthians 6-10 Apostle
The Work of an Apostle 6:2-10:18
  338 4 2 Corinthians 11-13; Acts 20 Comfort
Dealing With Doubt 11-13

The Book of ACTS continues
Paul's 3rd mission tour ends (see city outline above) at Jerusalem ca 58 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
Jews from Asia recognized Paul, thought he brought Gentiles into the temple, and the court process began.
  339 5 Acts 21-22 Covenants
New Covenant Controversy Acts 21-23:11
  340 6 Acts 23-25 Truth
Through the Lower Courts Acts 23:12-25:27
  341 7 Acts 26-27 Resurrection
Is Resurrection Believable? Acts 26-27
  342 8 Acts 28 Afflictions
In Chains and Exile Acts 28

Book of PHILIPPIANS - Introduction
Written by Paul from jail in Rome ca 61-62 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  343 9 Philippians 1-4 Responding
Cultural Warfare Philippians 1-4

Book of EPHESIANS - Introduction
Written by Paul from jail in Rome, before writing Colossians ca 62 AD, about 4 years after seeing them at Miletus on his 3rd mission trip.
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  344 10 Ephesians 1-3 Inheritance
Inheritance Issues #2 Ephesians 1-3
  345 11 Ephesians 4-6 Roman prison
Prosperity from Prison Ephesians 4-6

Book of COLOSSIANS - Introduction
Written by Paul from jail in Rome, soon after he wrote Ephesians ca 62 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  346 12 Colossians 1-4 Reconciled
Rejoicing in the Face of Death Col 1-4

Book of PHILEMON - Introduction
Book of TITUS - Introduction

Philemon: written while Paul was still in Rome (ca 63?).
Titus: written by Paul after first Rome imprisonment and before the second (final) one, about 66 or 67
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  347 13 Philemon | Titus Reconcile
Letters to Titus & Philemon

Book of 1PETER - Introduction
Written by Peter the apostle perhaps between 63-67 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  348 14 1 Peter 1-5 Born again
In Training To Follow Christ's Example 1Pet 1-4
Peter's Encouragement 1Pet 5

Book of 1 TIMOTHY - Introduction
Written by Paul between the time of his first imprisonment in Rome and the second and final one, about 66 or 67 AD (EBD)
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  349 15 1 Timothy 1-6 Church
The Care and Feeding of the Church 1Tim 1-6

Book of JUDE - Introduction
written by Judas the brother of James the Lesser (so a half brother of Jesus?) perhaps written between 65-70 AD from Judea.
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
See Dec 23 Indecent
Recognizing False Teachers 2,3 John, Jude

Book of 2 TIMOTHY - Introduction
Written by Paul between the time of his first imprisonment in Rome and the second and final one, about 67 or 68 AD (EBD)
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  350 16 2 Timothy 1-4 Truth
Telling The Truth About Godly Living 2Tim 1-4

Book of 2PETER - Introduction
Written near the end of apostle Peter's life, perhaps about 68 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  351 17 2 Peter 1-3 Day of LORD
Faith, False Teachers, Day of the LORD 2Pet 1-3

Book of HEBREWS - Introduction
Written by an unknown believer (Apollos? Pricilla? Barnabas? Clement? Paul?) before 70 AD
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  352 18
Hebrews 1-5 Gospel 101
Basic Christianity and Beyond Heb 1-5
  353 19
Hebrews 6-9 Covenants
Why A New Covenant Plan? Heb 6-9
  354 20
Hebrews 10-11 Faith in
Accepting God's Plan: By Faith Heb 10-11
  355 21
Hebrews 12-13 Obey-Train
Accepting God's Plan: Self Discipline Heb 12-13

Book of 1 JOHN - Introduction
written by the apostle John in the 90s AD from Ephesus.
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  356 22
1John 1-5 True/False
Apostle John Explains & Answers Questions 1John 1-5

Book of 2 JOHN- Introduction
Book of 3 JOHN- Introduction

written by the apostle John in the mid 90s AD from Ephesus.
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  357 23
2John, 3John, Jude Indecent
Recognizing False Teachers 2,3 John, Jude

Book of REVELATION - Introduction
written by the apostle John ca 96 AD while Domitian ruled the Roman Empire.
Day Dec Scripture Key Commentary
  358 24 Revelation 1-2 Reveal
Revealed: Instructions to His Churches Rev 1-2
  359 25 Revelation 3-5 Holy Spirit
Churches and Heaven Prepare For Battle Rev 3-5
  360 26 Revelation 6-8 Suffer
The End of God's Longsuffering Patience Rev 6-8
  361 27 Revelation 9-11 Angels
Angels, The Sealed, The Unsealed, and 2 Witnesses Rev 9-11
  362 28 Revelation 12-14 Satan
Satan's Hatred Unleashes Tribulation Rev 12-14
  363 29 Revelation 15-17 Judgment
Seven Judgements and Political Prostitution Rev 15-17
  364 30 Revelation 18-20 Babylon
The Fall of Babylon and Satan Chained Rev 18-20
  365 31 Revelation 21-22 Heaven
New Heaven, New Earth, New Jerusalem Rev 21-22

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