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2006 God the Son
The co-equal and co-eternal Son of the Father,
who became incarnate in Jesus Christ for the
redemption of the world. Scripture stresses both
the divinity and the humanity of the incarnate
Son of God, and the necessity and total sufficiency
of his atoning death for human redemption.
Through his resurrection and ascension, he
interecedes for believers at the right hand of God.

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2009 Jesus Christ, anger of
Jesus Christís controlled emotion arising from his unswerving
opposition to evil, and his determination to eradicate it.

Causes of Jesus Christ's anger
Petty legalism in religious observance
    Mt 15:3; Mt 23:1-4; Mk 3:4-5

Attempts to prevent access to him Mk 10:14

People leading others into sin Mt 18:6-7; Mk 9:42;
    Lk 17:1-2

Demonstrations of Jesus Christís anger
Purging the temple
    Mt 21:12-13; Mk 11:15-17; Lk 19:45-46; Jn 2:14-16

Cursing the fig-tree Mk 11:14; Mt 21:19

Jesus Christís words in anger
Against demons
    Mt 17:18; Mk 9:25; Lk 9:42
    See also Mk 1:25-26; Lk 4:35

Against disciples Lk 9:55-56
    See also Mt 16:23; Mk 8:33

Against Pharisees Mt 23:13
    See also Mt 12:34; Mt 15:7-9; Mk 7:6-8;
    Mt 23:15-16, Mt 23:1-33; Lk 11:42-44;
    Lk 13:15; Jn 8:44

Against unbelief Mt 17:17; Mk 9:19; Lk 9:41
    See also Mt 12:39-45; Lk 11:29-32;
    Mk 8:38; Lk 11:50-51

Against false prophets Mt 7:15

Against the rich Lk 6:24-26

Against unrepentant cities Mt 11:20
    See also Mt 11:21-24; Lk 10:13-15

Jesus Christ reflects the anger of God
Jn 3:36
    See also Mt 5:21-22,29; Mt 22:7,13;
    Mt 25:30,46; Lk 21:23
The anger of the glorified Christ
Against the unbelieving world Rev 6:16

Against the wayward church Rev 2:16
    See also Rev 2:5,22-23; Rev 3:3,16