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3000 - God the Holy Spirit

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3005 - Holy Spirit, qualities

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3010 - God the Holy Spirit
The co-equal and co-eternal Spirit of the Father and the Son, who inspired Scripture and brings new life to the people of God. The Spirit of God is often portrayed in Scripture in terms of “breath”, “life” or “wind”, indicating his role in sustaining and bringing life to God’s creation.

3015 - Holy Spirit, divinity of

The Holy Spirit’s attributes and activities are always those of God.
The titles used of the Holy Spirit identify him as part of the triune nature of the divine being.

The Holy Spirit possesses the attributes of God

He is present everywhere Ps 139:7-8 
  See also Jn 14:17

He knows all things Isa 40:13 NIV footnote. 
  See also Jn 16:13; 1Co 2:10-11

He has infinite power Zec 4:6 
  See also Lk 1:35

He is eternal Heb 9:14 
  See also Jn 14:16

He is unique Eph 4:4-6 
  See also 1Co 12:4

He is holy Ro 1:4 
  See also Ro 5:5; 1Co 6:19 

The Christian’s body is also holy because it is the place where God dwells by his Spirit; 2Co 6:6 The Holy Spirit is the seal of ownership marking those who belong to God: Eph 1:13; Eph 4:30 1Th 1:5; 2Ti 1:14; Tit 3:5; Heb 2:4; Heb 9:8; 1Pe 1:12; 2Pe 1:21; Jude 1:20
The Holy Spirit performs divine works
He creates Ps 104:30 
  See also Ge 1:2; Job 26:13; Job 33:4; Ps 33:6

He gives life Eze 37:14 
  See also Ge 2:7; Ro 8:2,11
The Holy Spirit is identified with the person and activity of the Godhead
“Holy Spirit” and “God” are used interchangeably Ac 5:3-4 
  See also 1Co 3:16

The Spirit is called “Lord” 2Co 3:17-18

It is possible to blaspheme the Spirit 
  See also Mt 12:32; Mk 3:29; Lk 12:10

The Spirit is sent by the Father and the Son Jn 15:26 
  See also Jn 16:14-15

The Spirit is identified with the Father and the Son 
  Mt 28:19-20 in commissioning; 
  2Co 13:14 in benediction; 
  Eph 2:18 in access to God 
  Gal 4:6; 1Pe 1:1-2 in believers’ lives
The Holy Spirit is given divine titles
The Spirit of God 2Ch 15:1 
  See also Ex 31:3; Nu 24:2; 1Sa 10:10 Saul prophesies at Gibeah; 
  1Sa 19:20; 2Ch 24:20; Eze 11:24; 
  Mt 3:16 at Jesus Christ’s baptism; 
  1Co 2:11,14; 2Co 3:3; Php 3:3; 1Pe 4:14

The Spirit of the Lord (Old Testament) Jdg 3:10; Isa 61:1 
  See also Jdg 6:34; 1Sa 16:13-14; 2Sa 23:2; 1Ki 22:24; 2Ki 2:16; 
  2Ch 18:23; Isa 11:2; Isa 63:14; Eze 11:5; Eze 37:1

The Spirit of the Lord (New Testament) Lk 4:18; 2Co 3:17

The Spirit of Christ Ro 8:9 
  See also Gal 4:6; Php 1:19; 1Pe 1:11

The Spirit of Jesus Ac 16:7

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