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3000 - God the Holy Spirit

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Holy Spirit, God the

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3025 - Holy Spirit, personality of
The Holy Spirit is not an impersonal power
but a real person with his own personality.

* The Holy Spirit is involved in personal relationships

      He is in relationship with the Father and the Son
        Mt 28:19 See also
        Jn 16:14-15; 2Co 13:14; 1Pe 1:2; Jude 1:20-21

        He is in relationship with Christians
        Acts 15:28

        The Spirit can be treated in personal ways
        Acts 5:3 See also
        Ac 5:9; Heb 10:29

* Personal characteristics of the Holy Spirit
      The Spirit is wise Isa 11:2; Eph 1:17 See also
      Jn 14:26; Ro 8:27

      The Spirit can experience emotion and pain
      Eph 4:30 See also Isa 63:10; Heb 10:29

* Grammatical indications of the Holy Spirit's personhood

      John 14:16 See also
      Jn 14:26; Jn 15:26; Jn 16:7

* Examples of the Holy Spirit's actions

      He teaches:
      Lk 12:12; 1Co 2:13;

      He testifies:
      Ro 8:16

      He intercedes:
      Ro 8:26

      He warns:
      Ac 20:23

      He speaks:
      2Sa 23:2; Ac 8:29; Ac 10:19; Ac 11:12; Ac 13:2; Rev 2:7

      He knows:
      1 Co 2:11

      He calls out:
      Gal 4:6

      He guides, speaks, hears, shows:
      Jn 16:13

      He tells us what to say when challenged:
      Mark 13:11

      He is given & sent by God the Father:
      Lu 11:13;

      He is given those who repent and ask for Him:
      Lu 11:13; Ac 2:38;

      He gives us messages from God the Father:
      Jo 3:34;

      He gives us life through Jesus' words:
      Jo 6:63;

      He is given to those believing and obeying Jesus:
      Jo 7:39; Acts 5:32

      Jesus gave the apostles commands through Him:
      Jo 7:39;

      The Holy Spirit was given when the apostles
      laid their hands on believers:
      Act 8:18-19;

      One evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit is the love of God:
      Ro 5:5; 1 Co 13:1

      One evidence of receiving the Holy Spirit is speaking in tongues:
      Ac 2:4; Ac 10:45-46;

      One evidence of receiving the Holy
      Spirit is the resulting fruit:
      Gal 5:22-23; Eph 5:8-10;

      He dwells in mortal bodies, giving life:
      Ro 8:11;

      He manifests Himself in spiritual gifts
      through members of Christ's body:
      1 Co 12:1-14;

      God has chosen to bear witness to
      salvation through gifts of the Holy Spirit:
      Heb 2:1-4;

* The Holy Spiritís own personality
is seen by the gifts he gives
and the attitudes he promotes

      Gal 5:22-23 See also
      Lk 10:21; Ac 9:31; Ro 5:5; Ro 8:6; Ro 14:17;
      Ro 15:13; 2Co 13:14; 1Jn 1:6; 1Jn 5:6

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