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Holy Spirit - Promise of

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3040 - Holy Spirit, Promise of
The Old Testament foretold, and Jesus Christ reaffirmed, that the Holy Spirit
would be poured out on Godís people, transforming, empowering and gifting them.
Old Testament promises of the Holy Spirit that are fulfilled in the OT

    The promised Spirit enables prophecy 1Sa 10:6
        See also 1Sa 10:10

    The Spirit fulfills the promised presence of the Lord Ex 33:14
        See also Isa 63:11,14; Hag 2:5

OT promises of the Holy Spirit fulfilled in the New Testament

    The Spirit implements the promised new covenant Jer 31:33-34
        See also Ro 8:2,9-10; 2Co 3:3,6; Heb 8:10-11

    The promised Spirit will renew Israel Eze 36:26-27
        See also Eze 11:19; Eze 37:14

    The promised Spirit is the guarantee for Israel's future Isa 44:3
        See also Isa 32:15; Isa 59:21; Eze 39:29

    The promised Spirit will empower the life and work of the Messiah Isa 61:1-2
        See also Isa 11:2; Lk 4:18-19

    The Spirit is promised for all people Joel 2:28-29
        See also Ac 2:17-18

Promises of the Holy Spirit in the New Testament

    The promise that Jesus Christ would baptise with the Spirit
        Mt 3:11; Mk 1:8; Lk 3:16
        See also Jn 1:33; Ac 1:5; Ac 11:16

    The Spirit is promised by Jesus Christ
        Lk 24:49
        See also Jn 15:26; Jn 16:7-15; Ac 1:5-8

    The Spirit is promised for the time after
    Jesus Christís resurrection and ascension
        Jn 7:39
        See also Ac 2:4,33

    The promised Spirit fulfils Godís word to Abraham
        Gal 3:14

    The promised Spirit guarantees to believers their future inheritance
        Eph 1:13-14

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