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Holy Spirit - Sovereignty of

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3045 - Holy Spirit, Sovereignty of
The Holy Spirit has supreme power,
and acts in accordance with divine purposes,
exercising authority and control in the world
and over Godís people.
The Holy Spirit is Lord

    2Co 3:17-18 see also Jdg 3:10

The Holy Spirit is Sovereign in bringing spiritual life

    Jn 3:1-8 See also
    Eze 37:14; Jn 6:63; Ro 8:2; Tit 3:5; 1Pe 1:2

The Holy Spirit's will is sovereign

    He determines the distribution of spiritual gifts 1Co 12:11
        See also 1Sa 10:6,10; 1Sa 19:20,23; Heb 2:4

    He controls the appointment of leaders Ac 13:2
        See also Ac 20:28

The Holy Spirit demonstrates His sovereignty over creation

    He participates in the work of creation Job 33:4
        See also Ge 1:2; Ps 104:30

    He performs miraculous deeds Ac 8:39
        See also 1Ki 18:12; 2Ki 2:16; Mt 12:28-38; Mk 3:22-30; Lk 11:14-23

The Holy Spirit exercises His rule in the lives of individuals

    Jesus Christ is led by the Spirit Mt 4:1; Mk 1:12; Lk 4:1

    Godís people are led by the Spirit Gal 5:18
        See also 1Ch 28:12; Ps 143:10;
        Mt 10:20; Lk 2:27; Jn 16:13; Ac 8:29; Ac 20:22

    Godís people are restrained by the Spirit Ac 16:6-7

    Godís people are given victory by the Spirit Jdg 3:10
        See also Jdg 14:6,19; Jdg 15:14

The Holy Spirit's sovereignty is confirmed
by the greatness of His attributes

    His presence: Ps 139:7
    His power: 1Co 2:4
    His knowledge: 1Co 2:10-11

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