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Holy Spirit - Wisdom of

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3050 - Holy Spirit, Wisdom of
The quality of being discerning and perceptive,
which is a characteristic of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit is the source of human wisdom.
Those who knew - and can know - the wisdom of the Holy Spirit

    Bezalel the son of Uri Exo 31:2-3, 35:30-31

    Joshua Dt 34:9 (Either a wise human spirit or the Spirit of God who gives wisdom - NIV footnote)

    The Messiah Isa 11:2

    Jesus Christ Lk 2:40 See also Col 2:9 (“fulness” includes wisdom)

    Christians Eph 1:17

The Holy Spirit is the source of wisdom

    Job 32:6-9; Ac 6:9-10; 1Co 2:12-14

    References to the wisdom of Solomon
    make it clear that it was a gift from God.
    As the Spirit of God came upon other OT
    characters to equip them for office
    (e.g., Saul in 1Sa 10:10) it is not unreasonable
    to conclude that Solomon’s wisdom was also
    imparted through the Holy Spirit:
        1Ki 3:8-9,12; 1Ki 4:29-34; 1Ki 10:1,23-24

    The Lord gives wisdom: Pr 2:6

    Daniel's wisdom: Da 5:10-16;

    the choosing of the Seven: Ac 6:3

    Examples of how the early church worked with the Holy Spirit:
        Ac 15:28; 1Co 2:11; 1Co 12:8; 2 Cor 6:6; Eph 1:17; Col 1:9

The Holy Spirit as teacher

    Jn 14:26 See also
        Ne 9:20; Mt 10:19-20; Mk 13:11; Lk 12:12; 1Jn 2:27

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