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3110 - Holy Spirit, Titles and Names of
The names and terms for the Holy Spirit relate to
his power, activity, and presence in the world,
often indicating the nature of his actions
or the gifts which he conveys to believers.
Titles relating the Holy Spirit to God

    The Spirit of God Ge 1:2

        See also Ge 41:38; 1Sa 10:10; 1Sa 19:20,23;
        Ro 8:9; 1Co 6:11; 2Co 3:3; Eph 4:30; Php 3:3

    The Spirit of the Lord

        The Spirit empowered the judges to deliver the people:
        Jdg 3:10; Jdg 6:34; Jdg 11:29;
        Jdg 13:25; Jdg 14:6,19; Jdg 15:14

        The Spirit of the Lord enabled OT people
            to prophesy (example: Saul) - 1Sa 10:6;
            to lead (ex: David anointed) - 1Sa 16:13;
            to speak (David explained his God-ordained words) - 2Sa 23:2

        The Messiah will be empowered by the Spirit:
        Isa 11:2; Isa 61:1

        The Spirit of the Lord enables people after the Messiah
        2Co 3:17

Forms of reference to the Spirit of God

    My Spirit
    Ge 6:3; Isa 30:1; Isa 59:21; Joel 2:28-29; Hag 2:5; Zec 4:6; Zec 6:8; Mt 12:18

    His Spirit
    Isa 34:16; Isa 63:10-11; Zec 7:12; Ro 8:11; Eph 2:22

    Your Spirit
    Ne 9:20,30; Ps 51:11; Ps 139:7; Ps 143:10

    The Spirit of your Father
    Mt 10:20

    The promised Holy Spirit
    Ac 2:33; Eph 1:13

    The Spirit of Him who raised Christ (Jesus) from the dead
    Ro 8:11

    The spirit of the gods (seen from a pagan viewpoint)
    Da 4:8-9,18; Da 5:11,14

Titles relating the Holy Spirit to God the Son

    Gal 4:6 See also Ac 16:7; Ro 8:9; Php 1:19; 1Pe 1:11

Titles revealing the Holy Spirit's essential nature

    The Spirit of truth
    Jn 16:13 See also Jn 14:17; Jn 15:26; 1Jn 4:6

    The Spirit of holiness
    Ro 1:4

    The Spirit of life
    Ro 8:2

    The Spirit of glory
    1Pe 4:14

    The eternal Spirit
    Heb 9:14

Titles showing the nature of the Holy Spirit's activity

    The Counsellor
    Jn 14:26; Jn 15:26

    The Spirit of wisdom and understanding
    Isa 11:2 See also Dt 34:9; Eph 1:17

    The Spirit of grace and supplication
    Zec 12:10

    The Spirit of sonship
    Ro 8:15

    The Spirit of judgment and fire
    Isa 4:4

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