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What the scriptures say about
Satan, tempter
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Godís people are incited to evil by Satan.
He seeks to exploit their weaknesses in
order to deflect them from obedience to God.

Satan incites Godís people to evil
    Satan exploits human weaknesses Ge 3:1-5
          Satan identified with the serpent Rev 12:9
          See also Job 2:4-5; Eph 4:26-27

    He tempts Christians to fall away 1Th 3:5
          See also Lk 22:31; 1Ti 3:7; 2Ti 2:26

    He inspires people to put God to the test Ac 5:3-9
          See also Ps 78:18,41; Ps 106:14; Ac 15:10; 1Co 10:9

    He makes sin attractive
          Lacking integrity: Mt 5:37; Ac 5:3
          Sinful desires: 1Co 7:5; 1Ti 5:14-15
          Unforgiveness 2Co 2:10-11
          Envy and selfish ambition Jas 3:14-16

Jesus Christ was tempted by Satan
    In the wilderness Mt 4:1-11; Mk 1:13; Lk 4:1-13

    Through Simon Peter Mt 16:23; Mk 8:33

    Jesus Christ identifies with believers Heb 4:15
          See also Heb 2:8

Satan tests Christians
    Rev 2:10 See also Lk 22:31; Rev 3:10

Satan's temptations can be resisted
    By being alert 1Pe 5:8

    By prayer Mt 26:41; Mk 14:38; Lk 22:40
        See also Mt 6:13; Lk 11:4; Lk 22:32,46

    By relying on Godís faithfulness 1Co 10:13
        See also 2Pe 2:9; Rev 3:10

    By Jesus Christís service as high priest
        Heb 2:18; Heb 4:15