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5070 - Humanity
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5071 - Aaron - 5072 Spokesman and 5073 Model Priest
The elder brother of Moses and Miriam. He served as a spokesman for his brother in the confrontation with Pharoah, which eventually led to the exodus from Egypt. He was later consecrated as high priest.

Aaronís genealogy and family
    Ex 6:20; Lev 10:1-3; Nu 3:1-2; 1Ch 6:3

5072 - Aaron, spokesman for Moses

He was called by God to speak for his brother Moses in the confrontation with Pharaoh and to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. Negligence of the Lordís express command cost him the privilege of entering the promised land.

Aaron was spokesman for Moses in Egypt

His call
    Ex 4:14-16

The brothers meet and confront Pharaoh
    Ex 5:1 See also Ex 4:27-28

The command to lead the Israelites out of Egypt
    Ex 6:13

Aaronís staff
    See also Ex 7:8-12,19-20; Ex 8:5-6,16-17

Pharaohís hardness of heart
    Ex 11:10

Subsequent events in Aaronís life

The Lordís instructions for the Passover
    Ex 12:43 See also Ex 12:1-3

The Israelites grumble against Moses and Aaron
    Ex 16:2-3,9

Aaron commemorates the Lordís provision of manna
    Ex 16:33

The meeting of Aaron and Jethro
    Ex 18:12

Aaron as census-taker
    Nu 1:3; Nu 4:34,46

Aaron as prayer partner
    Ex 17:10,12

Aaronís jealousy and subsequent repentance
    Nu 12:1-2,5,11

Aaron makes the people a golden calf
    Ex 32:4 See also Ex 32:1-3,5; Ac 7:40

Moses rebukes him
    Ex 32:21-24,35; Dt 9:20

Rebellion against Moses and Aaron
    Nu 14:2; Nu 16:3,11,20-22,39-48

Aaronís authority vindicated
    Nu 17:8 See also Nu 17:10

The Lord prevents Aaron and Moses from entering the promised land
    Nu 20:2,7-12

The death of Aaron
    Nu 20:25-26,28-29; Nu 33:38-39

5073 - Aaron, as model priest
Aaron was made high priest and charged with the responsibility of making offerings for the sins of the people and ensuring that the Lord was worshipped in the proper manner. His priesthood was to pass to his descendants, thus ensuring its continuity.
Aaron was high priest

His call to the priesthood
   Nu 3:10 See also Ex 28:1; 1Sa 12:6; Ps 99:6; Heb 5:4

His anointing, ordination and consecration
   Ex 28:41; Ex 29:7-9; Lev 8:12,14,22,27,30

His priestly garments
    Ex 28:2 See also Ex 28:4,36,42; Lev 8:7-9

The significance of the priestly garments
   Ex 28:9-12,30,34-35,36-38

Skilled craftsmen were employed in the making of the priestly garments
    Ex 31:6,10

Fellow Levites were to help Aaron in ministry
    Nu 18:2

Aaronís priestly privileges

In sacrificial offerings
    Ex 29:27-28,32-33; Lev 2:3; Lev 7:35-36; Nu 18:8-9,11-13

In tithes
    Nu 18:28; Ne 10:37

In cities allotted to his descendants
    Jos 21:19

Aaronís priestly responsibilities

Respect for the holiness of the Lord and his sanctuary
    Lev 10:3 See also Lev 10:1-2; Lev 22:1-2; Nu 18:7

Keeping ritually clean
    Lev 21:10-12

Tending the lamps in the Tent of Meeting
    Ex 27:21; Ex 30:7

Obeying the Lordís commands about sacrificial ritual and offerings
    Lev 6:8-9,14,24-25; Lev 7:1,11,37; Lev 9:22; Nu 18:8

Taking responsibility for the offences against the sanctuary and the priesthood
    Nu 18:1

The future of Aaronís priesthood

The Lordís requirements are to stand for all time
    Ex 30:8; Lev 7:36; Lev 22:3

The priesthood continues through Aaronís descendants
    Nu 20:28

Aaronís priesthood compared with Melchizedekís
    See also Heb 7:11

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