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6000 - SIN and SALVATION

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6022 - Sin, Causes of
Sin is the result of the fall, at which the creation rebels against God its Creator.

    Sin as a result of the devilís activity
        The devil's instigation of the first sin
          Ge 3:13 See also Ge 3:1-6; 2Co 11:3; Rev 12:9

        The devilís role as tempter 1Th 3:5
          See also Mt 4:1-11; Mk 1:12-13: Lk 4:1-13; Mt 6:13

        The devil as the source of sinful behaviour
          Jn 8:44 See also Jn 8:38,41; 1Jn 3:8,10

        The sins of angels 2Pe 2:4 See also Jude 1:6

    Sin as a power in the world
        Sinís reign from the time of Adam Ro 5:12
          See also Ge 4:7; Jn 8:34; Ro 5:21; Ro 6:16

        Sin uses the law to provoke sinful desires Ro 7:5
          See also Ro 7:7-12; 1Co 15:56

        The world is under sinís dominion 1Jn 2:16
          See also Lk 21:34; Tit 2:12

    Sin rooted in human nature
        The human heart is dominated by sin Jer 17:9
          See also Mt 15:19; Mk 7:21-22; Ro 1:24; Heb 3:12

        Human nature is fundamentally opposed to God Ro 8:5-8
          See also Ro 7:14-25; Gal 5:17-21; Eph 2:3; 2Pe 2:10,18

    The act of sinning
        Sin results from giving in to evil desires Jas 1:14-15
          See also Ro 13:13-14; Jas 4:1; Jude 1:16

        Sin results from the human desire to be like God Ge 3:5
          See also Isa 14:12-14; Eze 28:2

        Sin results when the body is placed at sinís disposal Ro 6:13
          See also Mt 5:29-30; Mt 18:8-9; Mk 9:43-47

        Sin results from the influence of others 1Co 15:33
          See also Ex 23:33; 1Ki 11:3; Pr 1:10; Pr 22:24-25

        The seriousness of leading others into sin
          Mk 9:42; Mt 18:6; Lk 17:1-2 See also 1Co 8:9-13