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8000 - Life of the Believer

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8020 - Faith
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8021 - Faith, nature of
Confidence in and commitment to God and Jesus Christ. These attitudes remain sure, even though the objects of faith are unseen. True faith is seen in obedient action, love and continuing good works.

The Object of Faith

God as the object of faith Heb 11:6
    See also Ps 25:1-2; Ps 26:1; Pr 29:25; 1Pe 1:21

Jesus Christ as the object of faith Jn 14:1
    See also Jn 3:16,18,36; Jn 6:68-69

False objects of faith
    Human resources: Ps 20:7; Hos 10:13
    other people: Ps 118:9;
    self: Pr 28:26;
    idols: Isa 42:17

Faith is personal trust in God

2Sa 22:31
   See also Ps 18:2-6; Ps 27:13-14; 1Pe 2:23

True faith cannot be second-hand 2Ti 1:5
    See also Jn 4:42

Faith and assurance
Assurance accompanies faith Heb 11:1
    See also Ro 4:19-21; 1Ti 3:13; Heb 10:22

Faith may be mixed with doubt
    Mt 14:31 Simon Peter;
    Mk 9:24 the father of the boy with an evil spirit;
    Jn 20:24-28 Thomas

Faith and sight
2Co 5:7 We walk by faith, not by sight

Faith as trust in what is unseen Jn 20:29
    See also 2Co 4:18; Heb 11:1-3,7,27

Faith looks towards an unseen future Heb 11:13-14
    See also Heb 11:8-10 Abraham;
    Heb 11:20-22 Isaac, Jacob and Joseph;
    Heb 11:24-26 Moses

Faith and obedience
True faith is demonstrated in obedience Ro 1:5; Heb 4:2
    See also Ro 16:26; 2Co 9:13; 1Pe 1:2

Examples of obedient faith
    Noah builds the ark: Ge 6:22; Heb 11:7
    Abraham leaves Haran: Ge 12:4; Heb 11:8
    Abraham offers Isaac: Ge 22:1-10; Heb 11:17
    Moses parts the sea: Ex 14:15-16
    Caleb and Joshua: Nu 13:30; Nu 14:8-9
    Joshua at the river Jordan: Jos 3:5-13
    Joshua at Jericho; Jos 6:2-5; Heb 11:30
    Jesus Christís disciples, fishing: Jn 21:4-6
    Paul: Ac 26:19

Faith and works
True faith is demonstrated in good deeds Jas 2:14-26
    See also Php 2:17; 1Th 1:3; Tit 1:1; 2Pe 1:5

True faith issues in love Gal 5:6
    See also Eph 1:15; Eph 6:23; 1Th 3:6; 1Th 5:8; 1Ti 1:5,14; 1Ti 4:12

True faith is constantly productive
    Lk 8:15; Mt 13:23; Mk 4:20
    See also Jn 15:1-5