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8000 - Life of the Believer

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8023 - Faith, necessity of
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Faith is a fundamental duty for all people
and the necessary response to Godís self-revelation.
Faith is the only channel through which
Godís blessings may be received,
and the only means by which life may be
made meaningful, in relationship with God.
The call to faith
    In the Old Testament

        Ps 37:3-5 See also
        Pr 3:5-6; Isa 26:4; Isa 50:10

    In the New Testament

        Jn 6:28-29 See also
        Mk 1:15; Ac 16:30-31; Ac 19:4; Ac 20:21; Ro 1:5; 1Jn 3:23

God's self-revelation leaves no excuse for unbelief
    Jn 14:8-11; Ro 10:17-18 See also
    Ps 19:4; Jn 1:10-12; Ro 1:18-21; Ro 3:1-4; Ps 51:4; Ro 16:25-27

The need for faith in God
    The Lord is the only true God
    Hab 2:18-20 See also Ps 115:2-11

    God alone can be trusted absolutely
    Ps 9:10 See also Ps 91:1-4; Isa 12:2; Na 1:7

    Faith in God is the basis for peace
    Isa 26:3 See also Ps 42:11; Jn 14:1; Ro 15:13; 2Pe 1:1-2

    Faith is necessary to receive Godís blessing
    Heb 11:6 See also Ps 40:4; Jer 17:7-8; Jn 5:24

    Faith is necessary to avoid Godís judgment
    Jn 3:36 See also Jn 3:18; 2Th 2:12; 1Pe 2:6-8; Isa 28:16; Ps 118:22; Isa 8:14

Actions not springing from faith are sinful
    Ro 14:23 See also Ro 14:5-8,14

Unbelief challenged
    Heb 3:12-18 Christian brothers, partalers of Christ;
    Ps 95:7-8 comparison with the Israelites in the wilderness;
    Isa 7:9 Ahaz, king of Judah;
    Jer 17:5-6 the people of Judah;
    Mk 16:14 Jesus Christís disciples after the resurrection

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