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9000 Last things:
9020 Death

9021 Death, natural

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9022 Death, of believers
Believers in Jesus Christ will depart from this present life to the joy of God’s presence.

Death is a normal experience for believers
    Ro 14:8 See also Heb 9:27

Death can be a blessing Because of the prospect of heaven Php 1:21-23
    See also Nu 23:10; Ps 49:15; Ps 116:15;
    Lk 2:29; 2Ti 4:6-8; Rev 7:13-17; Rev 14:13

Because it brings relief from trouble and problems
    1Ki 19:4; Job 3:20; Job 7:15; 2Th 1:7

At death, believers are with Christ
They are in his presence
    Lk 23:43 See also 2Co 5:8; 1Th 5:10

They are safe and secure Rev 2:11

The second death is the final banishment of unbelievers from God’s presence.
    See also Ro 14:8; Rev 20:6

They have the prospect of a new order of things
    Rev 21:4 See also 2Ti 4:6-8; Rev 22:3-5

The defeat of death
Death is vanquished for believers
    1Co 15:55 See also Ro 8:36; 2Ti 1:10; Heb 2:14; Rev 20:14

Death is to be reversed in resurrection

Though some of the above passages suggest that eternal life in Jesus Christ’s presence is experienced immediately at death, others such as the following link these blessings with resurrection at the final coming of Jesus Christ:
    Jn 11:23; 1Co 15:51-54; 1Th 4:16
The death of believers is likened to sleep
Implying rest, renewing and awaking Ac 7:59-60
Sleep does not imply lack of consciousness but rather rest, renewing and awaking.

In the NT it is only used of believers.
    See also Dt 31:16; Da 12:2; Mk 5:39; Jn 11:11-14; Ac 13:36; 1Co 15:6,17-18; 1Th 4:13-16

Implying peace and comfort
    Lk 16:22

Abraham’s side suggests a welcome to a place of peace and protection.
    See also Ge 49:33; 2Ki 22:20; Isa 57:1-2; Lk 16:25

Death and the recognition of others
    1Th 4:17 “caught up together” implies recognition.
    See also Ge 25:8

    “gathered to his people” (literally “to his father’s kin”)
    is a common OT expression and implies continued existence together;
    Job 3:13-14; Mt 17:4; Mk 9:4; Lk 16:24; 1Co 13:12

Believers can face death without fear

They die in relationship with God
    Heb 2:14-15 See also Ps 23:4; Pr 14:32

They die trusting the Lord
    Heb 11:13,21-22

They receive comfort in facing death
    Jn 11:25-26 See also Isa 25:8; 1Co 15:26; Rev 1:18

In death they can glorify God
    Php 1:20

In this believers are to be envied
    Nu 23:10

Believers often hated the idea of death
    See also Job 17:13-16; Ps 9:13; Isa 38:10; Ro 8:36; 1Co 15:55-56; 2Co 4:11-12

Martyred believers are specially honoured in Scripture
    Rev 12:11 See also Rev 2:13